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News and Updates

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  • 08.08.07 -- Well, I have certainly made a few updates here and there since April (mostly keeping the events page updated), but I suppose the Tripod moster ate those notations.  Anyhow, here are the most recent updates:
    • Updated email address from to  Yep, that's the address of our soon-to-be new website!  The domain has been purchased and is currently in the design stage by our wonderful webmaster, Ben.  Look for it to go live in the coming months!
    • Added a list of upcoming rituals texts to the "Our Rituals" page.  I am hoping to get most, if not all, of them up within the next month or so.  Listing them here will not only help you know what is forthcoming, but it will also help me know what we still need to upload.
    • Added a list of upcoming photos from events and a mention of upcoming gallery of member's shrines and altars.  Again, for you to know what is coming down the road and for me to know what still needs to be uploaded.
    • Updated events for August and September, including the following:
      • Hermes libation
      • Demeter and Persephone libation
      • August and September Lectio Homericas
      • Persephonaea (more details soon!)
    • Added mention of the Dionysia and Dionysos workshop at June's Dreaming Festival as well as July's Anadikia Festival to the listing of "Notable Past Events" on the Events Calendar page.
    • Changed the name of the "Articles, Essays, and Other Writings" page to "Member Art and Writings."  This is subject to change, but I felt for now it was more appropriate for our vision of that section of the website.  At the moment, we only have two articles, but in the coming months we hope to add some more writings as well as art/photographs to the page
  • 04.04.07 -- Even more updates!  Added the following:
    • Added Athene libation and Hellenismos 101 to events March calendar.  Also added the Lectio Homerica to the April calendar.
    • Added the following new ritual scripts -- Libation to Hephaistos, Libation to Athene (for Athens, GA) and monthly devotional rituals to Aphrodite (long and short versions)
    • Added "Articles, Essays, and Other Writings" page, along with the following content -- Nicole's article on Artemis, Sannion's article on Reconstructionism, and a list of books written by Hellenic Polytheists.
    • Reformatted the Photo Gallery page to link to gallery pages dedicated to each event.  Added photos from the Hephaistos libation trip to Birmingham, AL.
    • Added link to Threska (a Hellenic Thelemic Mystery Tradition).
  • 03.05.07 -- Lots of updates!  Added the following:
    • Articles, Essays, and Other Writings page (actual content soon to come)

    • Updated events calendar with the Hellenismos 101 class information and more information on Hephaistos libation (both of which are being held in Birmingham, AL) and April’s events (Artemis libation)

    • Added the following new ritual scripts – Libation to Aphrodite, Aphrodisia, and the monthly devotional rituals for Artemis (long and short versions)

    • Added photos from the Libation to Aphrodite and the Aphrodisia (both held on 02/10/07)

    • Added the following links – links to Kyklos Apollon, Athena Ergane’s Community Service Group, Hercules Invictus, and Hellenic Ritual yahoo group

  • 02.01.07 -- Added the text "click on ritual below in black to see ritual text" to the "Our Rituals" page to help with user navigation.
  • 01.30.07 -- Site goes live. Added links and touched up pages.

Check back soon for more updates!