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Member Art and Writings

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M E M B E R ' S *  W R I T I N G S

My Life With Artemis by Nicole Mazza

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G U E S T  * W R I T E R S

Musings on Reconstructionism by Sannion (H. Jeremiah Lewis)


Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored by Sarah Kate Istra Winter (aka Oinokhoe)

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A Temple of Words: Essays culled from five years of Sannion's Sanctuary by H. Jeremiah Lewis (aka Sannion)

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Devotion: Prayers to the Gods of the Greeks by Hearthstone

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Treasures from the Deep by Jolene Dawe

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He Epistole: A Collection of Issues #1-12 (Neokoroi's newsletter) by Various Contributors

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A Concordance of Classical Greek: Hesiod by J. Warren Wells

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A Concordance of Classical Greek: Homeric Hymns by J. Warren Wells


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