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Artemis Mounykhia Congregation holds public rituals on the second Saturday of every month at 1:00 PM EST. The rituals are held at Big Trees Forest Preserve in Sandy Springs, Ga.

For more information on Big Trees Forest Preserve and directions, please visit their website at:

For more information about our rituals, please email:

L I B A T I O N  S C H E D U L E


January: Hera
February: Aphrodite
March: Hephaistos
April: Artemis
May: Apollon
June: Zeus
July: Athene
August: Hermes
September: Demeter and Persephone
October: Poseidon
November: Ares
December: Dionysos


Aside from the events listed on this page, some recent events of note include:

* Presence at Pantheacon (in San Jose, CA) and assistance with the Dionysia ritual, Kyklos Apollon ritual, and Hekate Deipnon ritual
* Large private Aphrodisia ritual in Atlanta-area, with public Aphrodite libation the same day
* Traveled to Birmingham, AL's Vulcan statue for a Hephaistos libation and Hellenismos 101 workshop at a local pagan shop
* Traveled to Athens, GA for Athenaze (UGA Classic's Dept One-Day festival), Hellenismos 101 workshop for the Athens Area Pagans group, and then a small
libation ritual honoring Athene at her statue in front of the UGA Classics Center.
* Artemis workshop and Mounykhia ritual at Starfest at Starbridge over Memorial Day weekend.
*Dionysian ritual and workshop at the Dreaming festival at Dragon Hills in June.
* Local celebration of the first annual all-day Anadikia Festival which was simultaneously celebrated by many Hellenics around the world.


Prospective members and other interested parties are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.


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