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from trusttheprocess.com:

"Film producers currently shooting the Allison Anders-Kurt Voss comedy starring John Taylor need two female extras to play John Taylor (or John's character's rather) fans in the film. They will be paid as extras and must be able to work on location in Hollywood on Sunday, September 6. We are looking for guenuine Durannies between the ages of 18-21, preferably with some fan paraphernalia to bring along; must have proof of age. Auditions will be held in Hollywood on Saturday, September 5. If you are interested, e-mail Nancy at nancygriffin@earthlink.net. Give your age, phone number and tell us a bit about yourself, including what Duran Duran stuff you have and a brief description of your looks. We will contact you."


OCTOBER 20: CHICAGO, IL: The House of Blues, call 312.923.2029 for info.

OCTOBER 21: COLUMBUS, OH: Mekka, call 614.621.8770 for info.

OCTOBER 22: DETROIT, MI: Alvin's, call 313.832.2355 for info.

OCTOBER 24: BOSTON, MA: Mama Kin, call 617.351.2581 for info.

OCTOBER 26: DANBURY, CT: Tuxedo Junction, call 203.748.2561 for info.

OCTOBER 27: HOBOKEN, NJ: Maxwell's, call 201.659.2461 for info.

OCTOBER 28: NEW YORK, NY: Life, call 212.877.3642 for info.

OCTOBER 30: OLD BRIDGE, NJ: Birch Hill Nightclub, call 201.939.5454 for info.

OCTOBER 31: SPRINGFIELD, VA: Jaxx, call 703.471.7612 for info.


John began a small tour this May as JOHN TAYLOR/TERRORISTEN (“terrorist” in German). He has been be singing and playing bass. His touring band is Gerry Laffy on guitar, Micheal Railton on keyboards, John Amato on saxophone and Larry Aberman on drums. Coming soon to a town near you....


* John made special appearance at this year’s DuranCon: John set up clothing exhibit in Spago Gallery highlighting his years in fashion with Duran Duran. The clothing was from recent discoveries of old concert and video clothes. 10 or so mannequins were set up with his clothing (for a visual representation of his display, check out the online exhibit on the www.trusttheprocess.com “fashion” page). John also played a short acoustic set with Gerry Laffy on that Sunday for the fans.

* John was on KROQ’s (California) show “LoveLines” on May 14th.

* The B5 Atomic (previously b5records.com) site has just changes its URL to trusttheprocess.com. Please update your bookmarks! The site suggests downloading a “RealAudio Player” (real,com) and promises great things to come!

* John Taylor was featured in an interview in the May issue of Songwriter's Monthly magazine.

* Back on January 22nd, John played a set at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. It was only open to industry people, so not much is known about the show itself. They supposedly performed a set including some Roxy Music, Duran Duran and Power station tunes, as well as some of John’s solo material. A brief review on pathfinder.com compared their sound to the Squirrel Nut Zippers. That frightens me…

* John has had multiple chats on his website with topics ranging from the modern state of music to several chats on fan’s poetry. We have the transcripts available for any of these chats for whomever needs them (just e-mail me or write to me). More chats are promised for the future.

* John’s new album is still in the making. Supposedly 15 tracks have been recorded, but John is simply “enjoying the process” and still working on it. No one is sure when it will come out, but new songs like “Hey Day” are rumored to be on it. From all accounts it just needs to be mixed. Hopefully it will see the light of day by this year’s end.

* The Aids Ride was successful and B5 was able to raise enough money to participate. Congratulations to Judy and Tracey for all their hard work and effort! Also congratulations to Nancy Semans and Jae MacDonald (whom Nancy kind gave her bike to) for winning the Cannondale bike in the raffle!

* Dream Home Heartaches is tentatively going to be re-released due to some legal technicalities. The original copy is now very rare, as B5 are sold out of it. I personally have a few copies at my store, so if you are interested, please write to me. Supplies are limited.

* John’s tour is going to be extending into the late part of this year, tentatively to not only include the East Coast of the United States, but also japan. John should be hitting the east around October. It is rumored that he is going to be playing around 22 dates and that Three Alarm Fire might be joining him for some or even all those dates.

* As John Taylor Terroristen, John has just released both a live EP (live in the studio, that is) and a live video (of his Los Angeles performance at The Roxy). These are now available from www.trusttheprocess.com. Order now, you won’t be sorry!

* The VH-1 show “Vinyl Justice” will be spotlighting Mr. Taylor and his eclectic music collection. It boasts to be quite a funny episode indeed. The show is slated for sometime in September.

* Also on Vh-1, John was featured briefly on a documentary of 80’s teen idols. He had a short interview clip and they also showed a piece of the “Feelings Are Good” video. Is John the new darling of VH-1?

* Allison Anders, innovative film director and friend of John’s has recently filmed an interview with John for a documentary of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust for The Sundance Channel. It aired in July and August and may be repeated at a later date. According to Patty at B5: “Allison told JT that she was incredibly impressed and amazed at his knowledge of Bowie and Glam! She also said that the show's producers were very impressed with JT and his on-air presence. I have to say he does have a knack for it!”

* FUZ-TV recently re-aired their show with John at the Fort.

* John has been making the rounds on the radio lately with interviews with such radio stations as KLSX 97.1 in Los Angeles (a show called C-Notes where about 10 people from the TTP website called in from all over the country – including myself) to more recent ones in Las Vegas and Los Angeles again.

* John has recently done interviews with both Guitar Magazine and Highwire Daze Magazine. The transcripts of these are available on the Trust the Process site.


This is a mailing list that I have set up so that we can discuss the chosen book through email in an easier format. If you are unfamilar with this club, you might remember it from the B5/TTP site as a club where a book that John has read/recommended is chosen each month for discussion. I have incorporated this into a part of our newsletter and am planning on putting up a book for discussion each month. Right now I am still undecided on a book to start with (on the B5/TTP website, we have already discussed several). If you have any ideas, email me at radiantbaby@hotmail.com. Thank you!

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