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InnocentEyes, 2003


Normally I hated groupies. I just thought the women were gross and only did those things for shallow reasons.

But the White Stripes came to town one day, and out the window went my ethics. Aren't you supposed to go after anything you want? Well I wanted Jack White and I was going to go after him.

There was, however, one problem: The age of consent in California is 18, and I was only 17. I've been told that I looked and acted older than 20, so I figured I wouldn't have a problem. I was a woman. One hell of a woman, and Jack's one hell of a man.

Of course, I didn't go just to score Jack. This was all a little idea between my friend and I during the train ride to San Francisco. She feared she'd crumble into a pile of giggles if Jack even greeted her, so she let me go for it.

The show was beyond great. We could see everything from the third row- and I mean everything- Jack was wearing those pants again.

Afterwards, I put my hair back in place, fixed my makeup, and we headed towards the back of the theater, hoping the buses hadn't left yet.

And they didn't leave. And apparently my friend and I were the only people who had the idea.

They came out after a couple minutes. We got pictures with the both of them and talked a little, and Meg decided she was tired and left for the bus.

"So what are your names?" he asked.
"I'm Christina, and this is Vanessa."
"She doesn't talk?"
"Don't make this harder for her, Jack."

Vanessa just blushed and shook her head.

"I think I'm gonna go now, I have work tomorrow," Vanessa lied. This was how we planned it. She'd leave and Jack wouldn't have a choice but to keep talking to me. I'd play the lost little lamb without a way home.

Vanessa left, and Jack stayed. Now I was getting nervous. Jack looked a little nervous too.

"You know, you have really pretty eyes," he said.
"Oh, thank you!" I said.
"You're blushing!"

And that was it. I giggled and put my face in my hands and then he hugged me, which was sort of weird.

With his arm around me, he asked if I had a ride home, and I told him I could just walk home.

"Walk home? A pretty girl like you would get picked up in a matter up seconds. Is there anyone you could call for a ride home?" he said.

"No, I don't know anybody who lives around here, plus it's late. Vanessa and I met each other here, I don't really know her, and I didn't think of a way back home. I guess I could just wait at the train station until the morning or something."

"Where do you live?"

"I live in Fresno. It's pretty far away."

"Well, I don't want you sleeping at a train station. I can get you a hotel room for tonight where I'm staying. We're not playing a show tomorrow so I'll just be running around the city until the next morning."

"I'm scared of being alone."

"Then you're welcome to come to my room. I should be leaving soon, I think everyone's done packing stuff up. I'll take you to the bus with Meg and explain all this to her, and I'll be right back."

Meg was surprised to see me. Jack didn't tell her about me staying in his room, luckily. She seemed kind of proud of Jack, actually. Getting this poor girl a hotel room for the night.

He left to check on things, and Meg and I started talking. I told her that people keep telling me I look like her, and she agreed that I did. Conversation quieted down and I dug through my purse for gum.

"It's really nice of Jack to do this for you," Meg said.

"It must be the gentlemanly thing to do," I replied.

Jack returned and everyone left.

Meg checked into her hotel while Jack and I went to a liquor store. I wanted a Pepsi, and I laughed at Jack when he bought a bag of M&Ms.

"My friend eats those every single day," I laughed.

"Speaking of friends, how come you came here alone?" he asked.

I had to think up something. I told him none of my friends liked the White Stripes so I thought I'd be okay if I came alone.

"From Fresno? That's a couple hours away!"

"Have you ever been to Fresno? It's an awful place." I tried to get as far away from the original topic as possible.

He shook his head.

We went to our hotel room, which wasn't anything real fancy, just simple. It was a small, simple hotel room with a queen-sized bed and a cable TV. I sat on the bed and started taking my shoes off.

"Are you going to wear that to bed?" Jack asked. He then lied down.

"I suppose I could take off my skirt," I said. Zip. That thing was gone.

He was making it way too obvious. I mean, he lets me stay in his hotel room, and now he's asking me what I'm going to wear while I'm in the SAME BED with him. Of course I was going to have fun with this.

"Isn't it bad for girls to sleep with their bras on too?"

That gentleman thing was over. It was obvious what he wanted to do. Did I care? No. I wanted the same thing. I was sure he knew it.

I grinned.

"What about you? You're not going to tell me you're going to be comfortable sleeping in those pants."

He blushed.

"And you're obviously not wearing any underwear." I added.

"Well, I kind of. . . can't."

"So what are you going to about it?"

"What do you want me to do?"

I took off my shirt.

"Turn off the lights and I'll show you."

The light from the moon was good enough for me. Various neon signs and streetlights down below our open window. I was too shy for full view.

We kissed. I took off his shirt. He slid his hands up and down my body. Off went the belt buckle. Pants. We fell onto the bed and continued kissing. He pushed down my bra straps and kissed the cleavage in front of him. Off went the bra. I ran my hands through his hair. I didn't want to watch him. I just wanted to feel it.

He kissed his way lower and lower. I scratched at his back. He came to my belly button and I knew what was next. My panties went down to my feet and I slid them off while he went lower and lower. Jack got out of the bed and stood on his knees. He told me to sit on the side in front of him. Spread your legs.

Purrs and moans followed and I threw my head back and scratched at his back and pulled sheets. Jack's hands caressed my thighs and licked and sucked his way into my realization that I was no longer a groupie.

No rock star would take a girl to his hotel room just to please her. And God did he do it.

When he was done, we moved back to the center of the bed and he began kissing my neck and shoulders with his body on top of mine. I felt like some kind of goddess and this was his way of worshiping me.

We eventually fell asleep with his head on top of my stomach. He slept without sound while I couldn't sleep. I stared out the window, I stared at our pile of clothes on the floor, I stared at Jack's closed eyes and expected them to open and stare into mine again. I finally fell asleep.

Morning light shined into my eyes. Jack hadn't awoken yet. I played with his hair until he did.

He kissed my forehead and put his clothes back on. Brushed his teeth. I figured I'd follow.

I used his brush to undo the tangles in my hair.

"Christina," he said.

"What?" I stepped out of the bathroom doorway.

"I want to take you somewhere," he said.




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