This is fan fiction.  Though the characters involve real people, this does not recount real events.  The rating on this story is NC-17/Hard R.   If you are not a least 18 years of age, please do not read!




M Y   A M E R I C A N   M U S E

P a r t   F o u r


© Radiantbaby, 1999




*     *     *



I followed Maya home from work and she changed into something more casual. Then we decided to make our way over to my place as I offered to make her a late dinner. I stopped by the market on the way back home with her to pick up some pasta, marinara, and a fresh baguette. She seemed amazed that I knew how to cook, but I told her that the pasta dish that I was making was taught to me on holiday in Tuscany by a farm girl with broken English who lived in the house I stayed in.


"A farm girl, how cliché!" she laughed as we made our way out of the market to the car.


"Cliché, how so?" I asked, opening the door to the car for her as we left.


"I mean, let me guess, she taught you how to make pasta and you taught her 'the ways of the world,' so to speak," she replied with a sly grin.


"Well," I laughed, "It certainly wasn't that romantic. Actually she had an over-protective father, so our experiences together were very limited. Besides, things actually stopped between us when I found out that she was only sixteen as she had told me she was nineteen and certainly looked that age. Everything was all pretty innocent though and we didn't ever actually have sex. I think that she was a virgin anyway."


"So, no deflowering young virgins for you then?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Well, I never said that exactly. I mean, yes with that girl, but to be honest, I have had sex with other virgins. Back in the day when I partied every night, I got a lot of rock star groupie cast-offs and many of them were young teenage girls who were virgins. It didn't matter their age back then. Often I was so high that as long as they were pretty and willing, I went for it. It is a wonder I am still standing. And yes, I am clean, I have no communicable diseases."


We arrived at my place, Maya looked up with an almost awe in her eyes as we approached the building. "I didn't notice how great your building was last night," she commented, leaning her head back to try and get a good view.


It was a nice building. I liked its ambience as much as its location. It was one of those old Gothic high rises, complete with Gargoyles. Maya said it reminded her of the building in the film, "Ghostbusters." Perhaps it was filmed there? It did have a striking resemblance.


"Good evening, Mr. Taylor," William, the doorman, smiled as we entered the lobby.


"Hello, hello," I said cheerfully. "William, this is Maya," I added, putting my arm around her and squeezing her against me in an embrace.


"Good evening, ma'am," he tipped his hat to her. William knew if I actually introduced a woman to him that she was something special to me. He winked approvingly at me as we made our way over to the elevators.



*     *     *



Once upstairs, I stripped out of my work clothes. I took a moment to decide what to wear as I wasn't entirely comfortable with her yet. I figured the shirtless with track pants ensemble I usually wore around the house would have to wait. I decided on some cotton black slacks and a blue t-shirt (an only slightly more casual look than my work attire, as I usually wore a t-shirt at work).


I put on Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, feeling in somewhat of a jazz mood and went about cooking. Maya helped me chop up some vegetables for the sauce and we left it to cook and settled on the couch. She looked around, sizing up our surroundings. I was thankful that I had cleaned everything up a few days before. I certainly wasn't always so tidy.


"I didn't really get a good look at things the other night. I guess we were in a rush to get to the bed," she laughed.


I blushed and looked down, "Sorry about that, I get a bit impulsive sometimes."


Her hand snaked over to caress my thigh, "I certainly had no complaints." We moved towards each other, kissing sensually. I slid my hand up into her hair, holding her lips to mine as I sighed.


I pulled from her, "As much as I would like to continue, I have to be a good cook and go check on the sauce."


I hesitantly moved from the couch, just watching her from the kitchen as I stirred the sauce and began to sauté some of the vegetables. She sauntered up to me, her eyes heavy with desire. I nearly dropped the spatula into the saucepan. I laid the spatula to the side and she slipped her arms around me, one hand slipping down to caress my hardening cock. "Perhaps we can finish things later," she cooed, nuzzling into the neckline of my shirt to kiss my neck.


"Yes," my voice cracked slightly, "most definitely."



*     *     *



After dinner, I gave her a quick tour of the place -- not that the tour was much of anything as I live in a one-room loft, so everything is open to perusal (with the exception of the area around my bed where I have up two shoji screens.) I showed her my music collection, my books and other various media, and then some of my art.


"Can I see the sketching you did of me again? I never got to get a good look at it," she asked, catching me off guard as she was looking at an old painting I had done.


"Er, well. I mean, it isn't finished yet..." I replied, walking over to my satchel to retrieve it. I pulled out my sketchbook and flipped through the pages until I found the one she wanted. "Here it is."


She took the sketchbook from my hands, her fingers tracing over the light and dark pencil strokes I had made of her face. "Are you ever going to finish it?" she asked.


"Probably sometime, I guess."


"How about now?" she asked.


"Now? I mean, I only really have to finish up some work on the face and then I was going to paint it. Honestly, I need to pick up paints from the art store as I need some new ones," I replied, suddenly nervous about her request.


"That is fine, you can paint it later," she said. "I am only trying to help you out...be an agreeable subject and all," she added with a wink.


I sighed, "Well, okay, if it doesn't bore you or anything. It shouldn't actually take me very long as I have finished most of it. I just needed to work a little more on the details before I paint it."


She sat on the chaise across from me on the couch and I told her to get comfortable. Funny thing was I thinking I was the one who most needed to get comfortable, as I was so nervous my hands were shaking slightly. I had to calm myself as my work would certainly suffer if I was unable to stop my trembling. It took me a few deep breaths and then throwing myself into the project to truly get myself on track.


I sketched her for about twenty minutes, filling in the slight idiosyncrasies of her face that I wasn't able to closely inspect from my anonymous distance at the cafe. I wanted this piece to be perfect, to be a representation of how beautiful I thought she was. I wanted her to see herself through my eyes. As I neared completion, Maya began to slowly take off her clothes. This of course was rather distracting, but it helped me finish up the drawing a lot faster.


I turned the sketchbook around to show her what I had done, "Okay, as I said, it still needs to be painted, but here is what it looks like so far."


She walked over and stood in front of me, holding it up to her to get a better look at it. "Oh my God, John. It is so realistic, you are a real talent! I almost feel like I am looking in a mirror!"


I took the sketchbook from her and laid it on the coffee table, pulling her to sit on my lap. "Thank you," I whispered. I nuzzled her neck from behind, speaking into the flesh, "So why did you take your clothes off so fast?"


"Well, I felt like, with your intense scrutiny, I was already naked, so I decided it wouldn't really make a difference," she giggled.


"Oh, I see," I said, leaning back bit on the couch and pulling her tight against me so that her buttocks rested just over my crotch. I was so hard I felt as if I were going to burst and pressing myself against her caused a moan to slip from my lips.


I draped her legs over my knees and spread them further apart, spreading hers as well. Then I moved to kiss her neck, my hands slipping from behind to caress her breasts. She moaned against me, pressing her back tighter against me and leaning her head back to rest on my shoulder. I slipped one hand down between her legs to caress the heated flesh there. "You are so wet," I whined against her neck as I kept nibbling on it.


"You got me so turned on when you were drawing me," she whispered, her breath catching as I slid two fingers across her clitoris and began to stroke it.


I pinched her nipples between my fingers, caressing each of her breasts while my other hand pleasured her below. "Is this how you touch yourself?" I whispered in her ear, using my forefinger and thumb to manipulate her clit and my other fingers to penetrate her.


"Yes," she groaned.


I slowly increased the pressure and speed of my ministrations, working her up through an intense state of arousal. I could feel that she was getting close as she was very wet and trembling as I touched her. I bucked against her slightly, causing her hips to move as well. I moved her body against my hand, pinching her clitoris and nipples until she began to shudder against me, her cries of passion growing louder and louder as she jerked against me.


She eased off of me, settling on the floor between my legs on the floor. She broke off the button on my pants, fighting to get them unfastened and off of me. "I am so sorry," she laughed, embarrassed.


"Oh trust me, I don't mind! I can always get a new button!" I laughed in reply, lifting my hips so that she could pull my pants down to my ankles.


She took a hold of my cock, now hard and solid with desire, and leaned forward, flicking her tongue against the tip. "Oh my God," I breathed, sliding down the couch and moving myself closer to her mouth. I was so worried that I wasn't going to last very long as I was so aroused at that point, I was ready to climax almost immediately.


She slipped her lips over me, sinking me deep into her mouth. I slid my hand into her hair, holding her head near me. "I don't know how long I am going to last," I whispered in a deep sigh, already feeling the tension building in my loins.


This only caused Maya to move her mouth against me faster, causing my orgasm to rise quickly through my limbs and I ejaculated quick and heavy, my seed overflowing in her mouth. She took all of me in, drinking all I had to give as my body shook with pleasure.


She moved up to me and we laid back on the couch, just lying in each other's arms as I tried to catch my breath. "That was amazing," I said, holding her close to me.


"I agree," she replied, leaning up to kiss me.


The shrill ring on the phone startled the two of us. She looked up at me expectantly, wondering if I was going to get up and answer it. "I'll let the answerphone get it, I don't want to move," I murmured.


The answersphone clicked on after fives rings:


"Hello, this is John. I am not available right now, but if you want to leave your name, number, your favorite album of the year so far, and...oh yes...a message, please leave it after the tone..."


"Johnny, you aren't home and on a school night no less?" Simon's voice rose through the speaker, "Well, I suppose perhaps you are just in the bathroom or blasting your music too loud to hear the phone. Anyway...wow, seeing you today brought up a lot of old feelings. I was just sitting her in bed, just thinking of you, just thinking of your kiss..."


Mortified, I jumped up and ran across the room to pick up the phone before he incriminated me any more than he already had. "Simon, I am here," I spat into the receiver.


"Johnny! I knew you were there," he said excitedly, his voice slightly slurred. It was obvious that he had been drinking.


"I have company, can I speak to you some other time?" I said, irritated, running my hand through my hair.


"Company? Oh, that bird, eh? She is a beauty. I could join you, you know. Just like old times, right Johnny?" he said, his voice almost desperate.


"No, thank you. I need to go now, okay?"


"Johnny, please don't go, please don't..." he begged. He almost sounded like he was crying. I felt awful, but I knew I had to take care of things with Maya -- explain things.


Maya seemed to sense my concern. "Is everything alright?" she whispered.


I covered the mouthpiece. "Simon is really drunk, he is having a bad night."


"Why don't you have him catch a cab and come over?" she offered.


I debated for a moment. I didn't want to share my evening with Maya with anyone else, yet I knew Simon needed someone. "Simon, how about you ring up a taxi and come over, alright?"


"Can I?" he asked, almost like a child.


"Yes, of course," I replied, giving him my address.


I hung up the phone, letting my hand rest over it for a second, my head hanging. I had to choose my words carefully...and quickly. Simon had already let a hint of our past slip and he was most certainly going to do much worse once in my company and intoxicated.


"Maya..." I began, my words dropping off as my throat dried.


"John, come here," she said. I turned to her and she had her arms out for me. I sat down with her on the couch. She pulled my head into her chest. "I think I know what is going on."


I pulled from her, "Maya, I am not gay, I am not," I said, matter-of-factly.


"John, did I say you were? The experiences that we have shared have not made me think that. You don't need to get defensive, I am not here to judge you."


I sighed, covering my forehead with my hand. "Well, I assume you must know something. Simon will probably embarrass me completely at some point in front of you. Simon and I...well, we were lovers once. It wasn't like a monogamous relationship, it was more companionship, experimentation, loneliness. He came out of it with more feelings in the relationship and every so often, he'll get drunk and nostalgic. It tends to occur after I've either just begun a relationship or when he's seen me after a long time. We haven't seen one another for about two years."


She looked at me curious and I just braced myself for her disapproval. "Wow...I honestly don't know what to say. I must say that I find it intriguing and....actually rather erotic. Is this the only man you have ever had a relationship with?"


"Oh God yes! I even hesitate to call it a relationship in the aspect that you are probably referring to it. I mean, yes, we were great friends, but it wasn't like he was my boyfriend. I cannot even completely explain what we had, as I experimented and learned a lot about myself, I learned that I am a very 'straight' male. Yes, I have had my experiences and Simon and I were really close, but I truly doubt the experience would ever be repeated with another man."


"This has certainly been an extraordinary day! First I meet Simon Le Bon and then I find that he has slept with you! Somebody pinch me," she laughed.


"You mean, it doesn't affect your opinion of me?" I asked nervously.


"Well, it affects my opinion of you, but only for the better!" she smiled, kissing me.


The worst seemed over, now it was time to wait for Simon to arrive. I knew that it would bring up a lot of feelings. I had to be honest with myself and admit that it had brought up strong feelings in myself as well seeing him today. I find myself often trying to deny what we had, wipe it out of my memory completely, but something always happens to remind me of it.


I was worried about Simon. Behind all his bravado and arrogance, he was always very insecure and especially insecure about me. He admitted once that he had fallen in love with me. I remember trying to quickly change the subject, to get away from him. The word "love" had never been brought up before, it was always carefully skirted around. I am pretty sure that I had not truly fallen in love with him, but I cannot be completely sure as I always blocked those thoughts, always denying any inkling of such feelings. Yes, I did and do care for him, but that was as far as my mentality would let me go.


I told Maya that if she was uncomfortable about the whole thing that she was welcome to leave, but she opted to stay for my support and probably her own curiosity. I mean, who needs "Must See TV©” when you have Simon and I and our little dramas? So, we both got dressed and waited for the man of the hour.


About fifteen minutes later, the front desk called and I had William just send him up to my flat. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see Simon standing before me. His short blonde hair was disheveled and he wore an old pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of dark wrap-around sun-glasses. He certainly didn't look like a celebrity to me, but then again, he's always just been just Simon to me. I could smell the alcohol on him and he seemed to be struggling to stand up straight, leaning against the door jamb.


"Johnny!" he exclaimed, pulling off his glasses, his face beaming.


He began to walk towards me, but stumbled slightly. I caught him and carried him over to the couch. He focused his eyes, noticing Maya on the chaise. "Maya? Is that you, my lovely?"


She smiled at him, "Yes, Simon, it is just me."


"It takes three to make a party...or is that a church? Either way, let's party!" he slurred, pumping his fist in the air.


I sat down on the couch next to him, looking at Maya with mild panic. It was certainly going to prove to be an interesting evening.



*     *     *



"Simon, I think you've partied quite enough already this evening," I answered evenly.


He shoved me playfully on the shoulder in disagreement, looking over at Maya. "Johnny is such a bore sometimes," he slurred.


I looked over at Maya embarrassed. This was going to be a real test for me. With the exception of Rayne, no other woman in my life has ever known the truth about Simon and I. Even though I think it was a catharsis for me to share with Maya, it was still frightening the hell out of me.


In the end, I asked Maya to spend the night with me, almost begging. We were alone in the kitchen and I just told her that I didn't feel entirely comfortable with Simon alone on such a night. She needed to pick up some things for work the next day, so I walked her down to a cab, gave her money for it, and then went back upstairs to anxiously await her return. "When, you come back, just tell William, he'll let you upstairs," I had said, kissing her.


When I got back upstairs, Simon was sitting on the couch with his shirt and shoes off. I pretended not to notice as his game was to try and get a reaction out of me. "Well, Maya should be back in about an hour or so. Do you want to watch the telly? Or have something to eat? I think I have some stuff in the fridge," I asked, casually peering inside the refrigerator.


"You know what I want," he murmured and I glanced back over at him and he was rubbing himself through his trousers.


"Of course, here's some left over stir fry from yesterday, it should still be good. I know you like stir fry," I said, still shifting things around in the refrigerator, acting as if I still hadn't noticed him.


"Always so hard to get," he groaned.


"Do you want this or not?" I asked, holding up the plastic container the stir-fry was in.




I replaced it back inside and went back over to him, this time sitting on the chaise and not next to him on the couch. He seemed to take this as a good sign and slipped his hand inside his trousers. I just looked away, picking up the remote for the television and turning it on. It was "Jerry Springer" and worse yet it was "Gay Confessions."


I sat there and watched this teenage boy declare his love for his neighbor, a young man in his twenties. I began to squirm a bit, reaching to change the channel. "No, no, leave it," Simon said.


I relented and kept it on. Simon cheered on most of the people, while he opened his pants and masturbated next to me. I continued to ignore him, only looking in his direction when he started calling out my name loudly and came all over his chest. He passed out immediately and I went and got a warm damp towel to clean him up.


Maya arrived back soon after. I decided to go downstairs and just meet her in the lobby. I put her overnight bag over my shoulder and then we got on the elevator. She stroked the hair back from my face, "So, how did things go? Did he try anything?"


I sighed. "It wouldn't be Simon if he hadn't. Actually, he usually isn't that bad, but when he is drunk...He ended up...masturbating on the couch as we watched the telly, probably hoping it would turn me on and I'd join him or whatever. He is asleep now, passed out like a baby."


"Did it turn you on?" she asked, moving her hand down to caress my cock through the material of my trousers. I was certainly hard, the whining and groaning of Simon's display exciting me greatly, as much as I tried to deny it.


I moved my lips to hers, kissing her hard on the mouth and pressing her against the wall of the elevator. The door opened behind us and I moved from her slightly, taking her hand, "What do you think?"



*     *     *



Once inside my flat, we saw Simon cuddled up with the couch's throw passed out. He actually looked rather peaceful. We moved quietly past him, turning off the lights and made our way over to my bed. I sat down on the edge of it, pulling Maya into my lap. "My, we are amorous tonight, aren't we?" she cooed.


"Well, I was sort of hoping we'd finish what we were doing before we were interrupted," I whispered, slipping her shirt off.


"I certainly wouldn't mind that," she replied, shifting herself to face me so that she was straddling me.


I moaned, pulling her tight against me as I began to kiss her. She then began to move against me, rocking her hips as we kissed. I reached to caress her breasts, pinching them lightly. "Oh God, I want you," I said, pulling my mouth from hers and moving my kisses to her neck.


I stood up, her legs wrapped around my waist and turned around, pressing her against the bed. I slid my hand up her thigh, lightly caressing her silken panties with my fingers before slipping them under the elastic and inside her. She was warm and very wet, causing me to whine with delight. It seemed that I wasn't the only one who was turned on.


I pulled off her skirt and then slid off her panties, still kissing her neck and chest. I pulled her to the edge of the mattress and knelt next to the bed. She pulled off my shirt and I moved my kisses further down her chest to finally rest between her legs at the wetness there. She moaned, pulling my head against her. I slid my tongue inside her, slipping it in and out of the soft crevices of her lips and sliding it up to press and push against the hardened nub of her clitoris. She moved against my mouth, her body fully reacting to me. I reveled in her moans, my own body aching to be pleasured.


Just as the thought had crossed my mind, I felt my trousers being unfastened and a hand slip inside the waistband. I began to stop, but Maya held tight to my head, keeping me in place. I groaned when the hand began to caress my cock with almost rough insistent strokes. It was certainly the touch of a man and that man had to be Simon.


I grunted against Maya's flesh as he had slid my pants down and was stroking me from behind. I was in such need of a release that it was difficult for me to be rational and stop him. He kissed my back, sliding his tongue down until he began to bite my buttocks lightly. I bucked into his palm, the odd mix of pleasure and pain affecting me intensely. I felt his hand on my buttocks and then the slow pulling apart of them and then his tongue flick between them. I moaned loudly, wrapping my lips around Maya's clitoris and sucking as hard as I possibly could. I also pushed two fingers inside her, fucking her with them, my own body aching to be inside her.


Simon pushed his tongue deep inside me, moving it in and out of the sensitive flesh there. I had to hold tightly onto the edge of the bed because it caused me to shudder almost uncontrollably each time he pushed his tongue deep. I had forgotten how good such a thing could feel, especially when I had my face buried in the hot wet flesh of a woman.


The pleasure was almost too much when I finally moved my mouth and gasped to Maya, "Oh God, I just have to be inside you, I just have to."


Simon moved his hands and mouth from me and I pushed Maya further up the bed, pushing my cock inside her. I pushed it in all the way to the hilt, just pausing for a moment before moving in and out of her. I felt the bed shift and saw Simon, naked, join us on the bed. "Turn over," he whispered in my ear.


I rolled onto my back, pulling Maya on top of me. I held her hips, pushing so hard against her that I lifted her with every thrust. Simon moved beside her, cupping her breasts from behind and then slipping one hand down to fondle her clit as I moved in and out of her. For a moment I was jealous, but I somehow knew from the look in her eyes that even though Simon was touching her, it was me she wanted most of all.


She rolled her head back as I moved my hands to caress her breasts as well. She began calling out my name and her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Her muscles pulled me as I moved myself against them, pushing in and out of her as her wetness spilled over me.


I rolled us back over so that I could move against her more freely, rolling my hips against her. Simon moved his hand to push his finger inside my anus, fondling me as my own orgasm rose within me, hitting me hard as I began jerking against Maya. I collapsed against her, my muscles throbbing against Simon's finger as my climax subsided.



*     *     *



I am actually rather amazed that I remembered to set my alarm for the next morning. The annoying blare of it hitting 7:00 AM woke us all from our intertwined slumber. I reached over to turn it off, trying to ease away from the mass of Maya, Simon and I, all legs and arms around each other. Simon groaned, reaching across Maya, who was in the middle, and hitting me on the head, "Why did you have to set the bloody alarm? I was in the middle of this great dream where I was in a sandwich with two Asian girls."


"Well Simon, unlike the elite superstars like yourself, some of us actually have jobs to go to in the morning," I replied, hitting him back.


"Our sandwich isn't good enough, Simon?" Maya purred, her eyes fluttering open and looking at the two of us.


"No, I actually think I like this one better," he laughed, putting his arm around me and squeezing us all together.


"Simon, you are going to crush poor Maya to death," I said, pulling away slightly and then planting a kiss on her lips.


"Well, anything to make you call in today! You can say that you needed to take her to the hospital. You are the boss, I thought you had the final word as to whether you go in to work or whatever," Simon whined, his mouth forming an exaggerated pout.


I sighed, I suppose he was right. I mean, they didn't really need me there as the big crunch to finish the issue wasn't for another week. I guess in my old age, I required some sort of workaholic work ethic. It was hard to get me to stay out of work, even to the point of Nigel sending me home on occasion with threats of bodily harm if I didn't get some rest. I think it has always been that I rarely have a reason to even stay home. If I stay home, I just sit on the couch watching the telly or drawing and that is good for a few hours until I start to realize that no one has called, no one has come over and that in the end I am all alone. I hate being alone. I think that I throw myself into my job so that it occupies my mind with other things. I get so busy that I don't have the time to wallow in self-pity.


"There he goes thinking again," Simon said, pinching my arm to pull me back to the present. "I sometimes wish I was in his head to know where he goes when he gets that pensive look in his eye."


I laughed self-consciously, "You don't want to get in my head Simon, it is way too complex. I think it would overload all your circuits. You are just used to the whole sleep-eat-fuck mentality, very primal."


"I am deeper than you think, my friend," he said, covering his chest with his hand.


"You sure know how to fuck deep," Maya laughed.


I looked at her with a delighted surprise. There was still a part of me that was worried how she was going to view everything the next morning after all the fog had cleared and the harsh reality of the stark sunny morning was before us. I was happy to see that she was in good humor over the whole situation. I laughed, kissing her again, "How about a vacation day?"


"Vacation? I only started yesterday," she giggled.


"Listen to your boss, or he'll fire you," Simon teased.


"The only firing between the two of us will be igniting the fires of passion," I said, trying to sound serious, but breaking into laughs before I could finish the sentence.


"Oh lovely, Johnny. Where did you hear such a lame line? Watching that late night erotica on Cinemax again, are we?" Simon asked, raising his eyebrow.


"Hey, hey, do I have to separate you two?" Maya threatened, playfully wagging her finger at the two of us.


I looked down at our bodies all wrapped around one another's and said, "I think that would be some work."



*     *     *



Once we actually motivated ourselves to get up, I called into work and told them that Maya and I were taking the day off to do some "research." Edie laughed at my wording and told us to enjoy ourselves. Then we all had the expected communal shower.


It all started out pretty innocently, actually. Maya went into the bathroom first and left Simon and I alone together in the bed. Not a good idea. We were still both nude and Simon took the opportunity to begin to caress the morning erection that I had been sporting. He slipped up next to me, our bodies facing one another and our legs wrapped in each others. "Mmm, as hard as a school boy, Johnny. I rarely get morning erections like this any more," he murmured, his hand sliding across the silken skin of my cock.


I sighed at his touch, "I rarely do either. I feel lately as if I am having a second childhood, I feel so alive."


"I haven't seen you this happy in a long time, John," his tone became almost serious. "I'll admit, I came here to make sure you weren't making another mistake in your love life. You have a great track record for getting caught up with vacuous women. The moment I met Maya, I knew you weren't making a mistake. I am glad that things are going so well for you and her.'


"Oh my, Simon. Is that a blessing?" I asked, moving my hips against his palm, almost purring.


"I guess you could call it that," he winked. "Now, tell me one thing: You have a beautiful naked women in the shower in the other room, yet you are lying here with me, are you insane? You know she is probably in there waiting for you to join her. She is a women though, she would never admit it. Go to her, she should be the one touching you right now, not me."


I looked at him surprised. "Okay, what have you done with my friend Simon, you imposter!"


"John, it is me. Both of us have grown up a lot. I can't keep you all to myself, now can I? I just want sloppy seconds every now and again," he laughed.


We both kissed for a moment and I was almost taken aback by the sweetness of it. There was no animal passion, no ferocity, just tenderness. I moved from the bed and made my way into the shower, smiling back at Simon. I went into the bathroom and knocked on the shower door. She opened the door with a smile, "Yes, may I help you?"


"Yes, ma'am. I was wondering if I could perhaps help you wash, you know, get those hard to reach places?"


"Come on in, young man. But you have to prove yourself, I don't just let anyone wash me," she replied, stepping aside for me to join her.


I stepped inside, the hot spray of water hitting me. I reached up to caress her breasts and she moaned. "I will do my best, ma'am."


I pressed her against the wall of the shower, my cock hard against her leg. "Hmmm, as much as I like this, you promised to wash me," she teased. I pulled away from her slightly and she ran her finger down my chest to just barely touch my cock, "But I do want to clean you as well."


"I think I can handle that," I said, reaching around her for the washcloth and soap.


I moved her by her hips to stand in the middle of the shower, while I stood in front of the shower head. I lathered up the cloth and moved it to her neck, rubbing the soft soap over her neck and shoulders. I moved my caress down her sides and across her belly, purposing passing over her breasts for a moment to tease her. "You are missing a spot," she giggled.


"Am I?" I asked, moving the cloth and my other hand up to caress her breasts, pulling on her nipples. "Oh, did you mean here, ma'am?"


She leaned her head back as I lathered up her chest, slowly taking my time to caress her over and over. I moved one of my hands down to settle between her legs, caressing the warm flesh there. She put her head against my chest and her hand on my shoulder to keep herself standing as I continued to stroke her breasts and clitoris.


Simon startled us opening the shower door, "You guys are certainly moaning a great deal, I can hear you all the way in the living room."


I looked over at him, moving my hand from her breast to stroke her hair. "Well, I just meant to wash her but I guess I got carried away," I said to him.


He moved beside me and Maya moved her head to stand straight up again. "I can see why," he said, moving one of his hands to join mine between her legs and the other to stroke my cock.

"Isn't she just so wet?" I moaned.


"Mmmm, yes," Simon replied, smiling at Maya as he touched her.


"Why don't you fuck her?" I asked in a heavy whisper, loud enough for Maya to hear.


She bucked against our hands, showing her own assent. I withdrew my hand from her, moving to her side and pushing her against the wall of the shower. Simon leaned forward and began to kiss her. "Are you okay with this?" I whispered in her ear.


"Oh yes," she called out, causing both Simon and I to smile.


Simon moved his hands from her and I and then took ahold of his cock and began to rub it's head against her clitoris, where his fingers had been. I moved my head to her breasts and suckled them as he did this, causing her to moan.


She moved her hips against him until he finally sank himself inside her, pushing her tighter against the wall. "Oh God, yes, Johnny. She feels amazing," he said as he began to move slowly inside her.


I began to stroke myself watching them, my cock so achingly hard it was extremely sensitive to my touch. I moved to sink into the corner of the shower walls, stroking myself and caressing my balls as I watched the two of them. Simon rolled his hips against her, pressing himself as deep inside her as he could. I knew that he was a good lover, as he always had been with me and was very pleasing to every woman we had been with. I could tell from the heavy lidded expression on Maya's face that he was doing just as well with her.


Simon looked over at me, his eyes trained on my cock as I stroked it as he pushed in and out of her. "Oh God, Johnny," he sighed, "Why don't you fuck me? You look so aroused you are about to explode."


I groaned at his request, squeezing my balls tightly at the thought. Simon reached over, running his finger along my shaft, "Come on, I know you want to."


I moved behind Simon, reaching between them to begin to caress Maya's clit and to get some of her lubrication for the act. I rubbed it all over myself and then pushed Simon's legs further apart. I took a moment to lean down and flick my tongue between his buttocks to moisten the area more and then stood back up, pushing my cock just inside.


Simon jerked against Maya, "Oh yes, oh my God, yes," he said, panting his hands against the wall over her shoulders for support. I reached back around and continued fondling her clit as I pushed deeper inside Simon, causing him to push against her.


Once all the way inside, I started to thrust against him, his thrusts inside Maya matching my rhythm. I was calling out loudly, my cries of passion echoing in the shower. I knew that I wasn't going to last long as I already was feeling the beginning of my orgasm build in my body. I laid my forehead on Simon's shoulder, "I am going to come too fast...too fast," I panted.


I rolled my hips against him, the three of us grunting as we moved towards climax. Maya began trembling, so I pulled her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and began rhythmically squeezing as her orgasm built and then crashed through her with a heavy force. Watching her in the throes of ecstasy forced my own orgasm to surface as I pushed hard against a trembling Simon moving in and out of her and climaxed hard inside him, falling against his back as I jerked still moving softly inside him, not wanting the waves of pleasure to stop.


Simon began moving faster now and I withdrew myself, replacing my cock with my tongue as I thrust my tongue in and out of him. He stood on his toes, calling out as his body began trembling even more and began to have his orgasm, pushing Maya hard against the wall. "Oh fuck, yes, yes!" he grunted, his body spasming as I still slid my tongue in and out of him as his orgasm subsided.



*     *     *



After drying off, we decided to all go out for breakfast, the sex giving us all a hearty appetite. I gave Simon a hat to wear, a Kangol beret, and he slipped on some dark sunglasses so as to be inconspicuous as we walked down the streets on New York. We decided on a quiet, small cafe and surprising, no one seemed to recognize Simon.


Simon smiled at us mischievously from across the table as we picked at our food. "You two, you even look like a couple," he mused.


"You wouldn't have thought that earlier, with your intervention," I replied, chewing my food and pointing my fork at him as I spoke.


"Still talking with your mouth full, I see," he said looking at me and then over at Maya, "You have no idea what you are in for."


"I can't wait to find out," she smiled, giving my arm a little squeeze.


"Aw," I said, leaning over and kissing her quickly on the lips.


"So, Simon, has John always been this way?" she asked, taking a sip of her orange juice.


"What way?" I asked.


"I mean, just the way you are. I meant to ask if you'd changed much over the years," she clarified, stroking my hair as if to calm me.


"Oh God, he used to be so terribly shy, this one. You think he is shy now, you just don't know," he laughed. "When I first met him, he would hardly speak to women. I mean, he went on dates and even went on dates with some extraordinary looking women, but most times they had to make the first move. Of course, I don't blame them for taking the chance," he added, looking at me appraisingly.


"I wasn't that bad," I countered. "I mean, no I wasn't Mr. Charming like you, but I think I did pretty well."


"Well, see that was the thing. You were a Mr. Charming, but in your own way. Your charm was your shyness, your mystique and most of all your beauty. You were so unreal," Simon said, a flicker of seriousness in his eyes.


"Oh, stop," I said, blushing.


"What was your first impression of him?" Maya asked Simon.


He looked pensively up at the ceiling and then said, "Let me see. Well, when I first saw him it was at a Christmas party and he was so underdressed, wearing a t-shirt and slacks and some combat boots. The thing is though, he actually pulled the look off! He sat in the corner for much of the evening, propped against the wall, seeming to push his glasses up his nose almost constantly. I kept thinking he was looking over at me, but every time I tried to make eye contact with him, he'd look down or away, playing with a loose thread on his shirt or something. He became utterly fascinating to me. It was as if he was the dark Bryonic hero of some sort of play we were in. He seemed the only character I was interested in at the party, the sort I would love to play myself. There were several women that just kept coming up to me, but much of the conversation was tedious. I just wanted to talk to him. All these woman and I just wanted to talk to him," he said, with a laugh.


"And then I fell," I groaned, putting my hand over my forehead. I didn't want to mention it, but I knew if I didn't, Simon certainly would.


"Oh yes, your beauty here had decided to take off his glasses at one point and thought he could get around quite well without them. Anyway, he was walking towards the catered food table and first he tripped and then he spilled a drink onto the floor. Seeing as my opportunity for escape from the dead-end conversation I was in and a way to strike up a conversation with him, I went over to help him clean up the mess. I started to help and even suggested that maybe he put his glasses back on. Well, your John here yelled at me...what did you say, Johnny?...oh yes, you told me to 'bugger off.' So then he stood up really quickly in a huff and fell and knocked himself out on the edge of the table!"


"Oh my God, were you okay?" she asked, looking at me in surprise.


"Yes, it wasn't anything major. I had just had too much to drink and I stood up way too fast and fell. Worst thing was that Simon was the one who nursed me back to consciousness. I was so mortified," I replied.


"At least, I finally had him at a disadvantage and could finally talk to him -- not that he needed to talk, when those deep brown eyes fluttered open to look at me, I was entranced," Simon cooed.


"Simon!" I swatted at him, embarrassed.


"Well, I was," he argued. "We talked for a while and I found that he was more interesting than I could have imagined -- something that rarely seems to happen when you are admiring someone from afar. Things were going very well until I just kept finding myself watching his mouth as he spoke and the veins in his neck tighten and bulge whenever he got excited about something. I was getting very aroused and as I wiped away the final remnants of blood, I just pressed my lips against his...That was such a lovely kiss," he sighed.


"I know, can you believe it? I am sitting there at a party, coming to consciousness after knocking myself out in an act of sheer clumsiness, and this man, a stranger, kisses me! It was such a strange evening," I added.


"Did you enjoy the kiss?" she asked, her eyes curious.


I looked over at Simon, "Yes, did you?" he asked as well.


"Well...yes, very much, actually. Simon is a good kisser," I replied, non-commitally.



*     *     *



After we finished eating, Maya went to the restroom briefly. While we were waiting for him to come back, Simon said softly, "I am sorry that I still make you so uncomfortable."


I could see by the look in his eyes that he was being very candid and serious. "No, Simon, you know it isn't that. I just...okay, yes, I get uncomfortable, but it is not you, it is me..." I replied.


"I just want you to know that I am not here to come between the two of you. I have always just wanted you to be happy. The only time I interfered was when I thought you were in a situation that wasn't healthy for you and in hindsight I am sure that you would I agree that I was right. You have found yourself a really great one this time, her soul just shines right through her. If anything, I'll take her side and tell you not to screw it up," he added, smiling sweetly at me.


"I'll try my best," I replied, smiling back.


"Try your best to do what?" Maya asked, rejoining us and sitting back down.


"To not let you get away," I replied, pulling her close to me.






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