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If you want it, you can have it

But you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it

- Pinched from “Photograph” by Weezer without permission.  Perhaps if I baked Weezer a cake, they’d forgive?




Brian couldn’t help but be a bit nervous.  He always got this way at festivals, especially in England.  Weezer just never hit it as big there as they had in the States.  That coupled with his band being an addition in the eleventh hour (leaving the crowd filled with even less Weezer fans), left him a bit worried about how the crowd was going to take their show.


As he waited on the side of the stage, he watched as the White Stripes began their performance.  He had seen Jack around backstage that day, hanging out a bit with the Strokes, but mostly being a bit shy and aloof.  It was interesting to see his complete transformation once he began to play and sing, it was like the lion had been unleashed from its cage.


Brian found himself absolutely enthralled with the performance.  Taken in completely by the charisma of the man and woman on stage – especially, and somewhat shamefully, the man.  Rivers had even almost startled him as he’d come up behind him to see if he was ready for their own performance.  Brian simply blushed.


He knew he had to meet Jack.


Sure, he’d seen him walking around that day, but he had hung back, unsure of what really to say to him.  It was always funny like that at festivals – lots of musicians milling around that seem so entirely different but find themselves packed together on the same bill.  He was quickly finding himself drawn to this guitar god clad in red, though. 


Red always meant danger, so perhaps Brian needed a bit of danger in his life.





After the Stripes had ended their set and Brian found himself on stage with Weezer.  He was looking at his guitar a bit differently after watching Jack, somehow not feeling quite adequate.  He pushed himself to rock out as much as he could, attempting to somehow simulate Jack’s energy. 


His performance was even made a bit more exciting when he looked to the side of the stage to actually see Jack watching, bobbing his head to the music.  He hammed it up even more, trying to pull as much sex appeal as he could from deep within himself to look great onstage.  The funny thing was that it wasn’t for the pretty girls in front, strangely, it was for Jack.


The show ended well, the crowd was good and the performance was as well.  Brian made his way off the stage, hopeful to try and speak with Jack, but Julian Casablancas on crutches had gotten to him first and the two of them made their way backstage laughing, in their own little world, leaving Brian standing alone and jilted.


It was Julian’s birthday that night and there had been talk of a party afterwards.  Jack had even baked Julian a cake and passed it out to the crowd.  Brian, now, was finding himself a bit jealous.  He didn’t know why this man was stirring such feelings in him, but he wanted to find out. 


Before Julian’s injury, The Strokes had been slated to support their tour.  It had been cancelled because of it though.  Still, it was an “in” that Brian was going to use to try and unravel the mystery of Jack White.






Brian couldn’t believe his luck when Julian ambled up to him soon after to invite him to the party.  Brian pretended to be nonchalant, but gracious that he’d been invited.  He looked over Julian’s shoulder to see Jack and Nick Valensi speaking excitedly about something.  His heart leapt a little bit.  He couldn’t wait to go to the party.


The rest of his own band didn’t seem very interested in attending with Brian, so after he changed out of his stage clothes, he prepared to head downstairs alone to the hotel bar where it was being held. 


All the bands were staying there at the same hotel, much to the dismay of the hotel owners he was sure.  Brian had even already heard a few stories about The Strokes’ mischievousness and it had only been about 24 hours since they’d been there.


It was funny, he’d taken more time than he usually would to get ready that evening, taking a little more care with his hair and his clothes.  He almost felt like a little schoolboy.  It both surprised him and frightened him.


Brian decided to look “dangerous” that evening, donning some classic rock-star black leather pants and a black button down shirt with the first few buttons open.  He kept his hair a little wild and practiced his most alluring looks in the mirror before leaving for the party.


“Hello Brian,” Fab greeted him when he entered the bar.  It was closed down for the evening, letting only people with passes inside.


The air was thick with cigarette smoke and Brian tried to look desperately through the haze to see Jack, his “prey.”  He saw him sitting in a far corner on a couch.  Surprisingly, he was alone.


Brian thanked whatever higher being had granted him this and then took a glass of champagne from a cocktail waitress and quickly downed his liquid courage before making his way over to Jack.  He was determined to at least <i>speak</i> to him, to somehow break the ice between the two of them.  If anything, Brian needed to desperately extinguish the fantasy welling up in his mind, hoping that meeting and speaking with Jack might disenchant him.


“Do you mind?” Brian asked, nervously tapping Jack’s shoulder as he stood before him.


Jack turned and looked up at him, a bit surprised, “Hum?”


Brian leaned in closer to Jack’s ear to elevate his voice over the music.  Brian found his musky scent alluring, but tried to remain focused on his agenda.  “Do you mind if I join you?” he repeated.


Jack smiled widely at him, his face almost too close for Brian to bear. Brian quickly stood up straight, but Jack put his hand on his arm, stopping him.


“That would be great.”


Brian slid onto the couch with Jack, packed close to him in the darkness. 


“I’m Brian,” Brian nervously stammered.


Jack smiled at him again.  “I know who you are.  I’m glad that you came tonight.  Did you enjoy the show today?  I saw you watching in the wings.”


“I…” Brian, completely disarmed, stammered. “I loved it.”


Jack blushed a little bit.  “Thanks so much!” he exclaimed.  Brian had a feeling that unlike many of his fellow musical peers, Jack actually meant it.


Brian was getting shyer by the minute though.  There was so much that he wanted to say to Jack, but now that he had his attention, his mind had gone blank.  Brian blurted out the first thing he could think of, some nonsense about slide guitar techniques.


It worked though, he and Jack fell into a great conversation about their guitar heroes and guitar styles.  Brian was from the South, which seemingly delighted Jack to no end.


“Then you understand, my friend, you really understand,” he’d said.


The two of them were absently drinking any beverage offered to them, both quickly feeling the effects of their intoxication.  Brian could feel Jack loosen to him, his body leaning a bit more against his own on the couch, the space closing between them.


Julian came over a few times to speak, but often he seemed too caught up with the girls cooing over him, his birthday, and his injury to really give the two men that much attention.  Brian was thankful, for him there was no one else in the room but Jack.  He hated the interruption.


“I wish I could pull women like Julian,” Jack pouted as Julian left the two of them alone, his voice now becoming a bit slurred from drinking.


“Sure you can,” Brian said, patting him on the arm.


“You think?” Jack asked in an almost childishly exaggerated tone.


“I’d do you,” Brian said with a laugh, quickly righting himself with the shock of his honest admission.


“You would? And to think I thought you were out of league,” Jack said without missing a beat, laughing a little teasing laugh and putting his hand to his chest in surprise.


“Me?” Brian said, shifting even closer against Jack.  “Never.”


“What an interesting situation this is then,” Jack said, running his fingertips down Brian’s arm.  Brian shivered.


“It truly is, isn’t it?” Brian replied, pressed himself against Jack, thigh to thigh, their faces now inches apart.


“I like interesting,” Jack said, his tone now a mix of shyness and mischievousness.


“I like you,” Brian breathed, pressing his lips against Jack’s.






“Why don’t we go somewhere more private?” Brian heard himself asking, the alcohol sloshing in his head making him that much more assertive.


“Where would you like to go?” Jack murmured against Brian’s lips, leaning in to kiss him again.


“We can go to my room,” Brian offered.




Brian and Jack stood up, laughing as they held onto each other with their imminent dizziness. Brian looked around the room, suddenly hyper-aware of the fact that they had just kissed in a roomful of people.  No one seemed to be looking at them though, everyone caught up in their own little dramas.  Brian and Jack wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders and slowly pushed their way through the people, trying to support one another.


To Brian, Jack seemed so tall next to him, he almost felt like a little brother though he knew he was older than Jack.  They wandered into the elevator, the drinks they were holding splashing on the floor around them.  The two of them just could not stop laughing, to the outside world seemingly dragging out the punch line of some inside joke between the two of them.


Once off the elevator, Brian fumbled with his card key to get into the hotel room.  For a moment, he was a bit embarrassed about the mess of his room.


“Sorry for the mess,” Brian said, walking over to toss some of the clothes on the floor into his suitcase.


“Mine is just as bad,” Jack said, sitting down on the bed and absently picking up Brian’s SG guitar next to him.  He placed it in his lap and strummed a few cords.


“Great guitar,” Jack said, playing a few bars of his song “Cannon.”


“Thanks,” Brian said, a bit nervous, sitting next to him on the bed.


Jack began to hum a little, playing the guitar again and then stopped and looked at Brian.  “So, Brian, what are we doing here?” Jack asked, his tone unreadable.


Brian stiffened up a bit, clutching to the mattress to steady himself.  “I don’t know, Jack.”


Jack got up and put the guitar in the corner and turned to look back at him now sitting uncomfortably on the bed.


“Have you ever?” Jack asked, his arm draped across his chest clutching his other arm.


“Ever what, Jack?” Brian asked in a flat tone, trying to not belie his anxiety.


“Been…with a man?” Jack added, shifting his weight on one hip.


Brian breathed out deeply, stretching his arms out between his knees. “No, Jack, no I haven’t,” he replied, looking at the floor.  “You?”


Jack walked over and sat back down on the bed next to Brian.  “No.”


“You and Julian haven’t?” Brian asked, a bit surprised.


Jack laughed, his face reddened with a blush, “No…I mean, we’ve kissed, but that is about it.  That is how Julian is though.”


“I sort of figured.”


“Why…do you ask?” Brian asked, now looking at Jack again.


Jack sighed. “I was nervous. I am nervous.”


Brian laughed.  “I am too.”


“Brian,” Jack paused, smiling shyly, “kiss me again.”


Brian didn’t need to be asked twice, his heart racing at Jack’s request.  He leaned over, reaching his hand up to cup Jack’s neck and again pressed his lips against his.


Jack sighed against him, wrapping his arms around Brian as their kiss began to intensify.


“Brian, do you like me?” Jack purred against his neck as he began to trail kisses down it.


“Oh yes, Jack.  I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind all day,” Brian breathed.


“When I saw you at the show, I really wanted to meet you.  I’m so glad that I did,” Jack whispered, now flicking his tongue against the flesh of Brian’s neck.


Mmm, I’m glad too,” Brian whispered, slipping his hand to caress Jack’s knee.


Jack growled a bit, “Touch me, Brian.  Touch me, please.”






Brian slid his hand up Jack’s inner thigh, moving it to cup Jack’s hardened sex pressed tight beneath the material of his pants. Jack leaned his head back, gasping a bit, letting Brian caress and tease him. 


Brian was fascinated with the responses he was eliciting from Jack, excited that he might actually be pleasuring him.  Sure, he had never been with a man, but at least he could put himself in Jack’s position and try to imagine how he would like to be touched.


Brian pulled the snap of Jack’s pants open, slowly letting the zipper down to reveal his cock.  Brian was a bit surprised at first at its size, bigger than his own, but he went on about touching him, still fascinated as if it were some new creature he’d found on the playground. 


Brian moved his light grip up and down the length of Jack’s cock, watching his facial expressions and his body’s reactions to each touch.  Jack had his eyes pressed closed tightly, his hands at his sides gripping the mattress, and a sly smirk across his lips.


Brian shifted down to the floor on his knees for a better angle, pulling off Jack’s pants and underwear while he was down there.  His head was swimming with desire and intoxication from all of the drinking they’d done.  He didn’t know what made him do it, but he leaned forward and tentatively flicked his tongue against the underside of Jack’s cock.


Jack moaned loudly, shuddering a bit in surprise.  He wanted Brian to take him in his mouth, but had been wary of asking.  Now, it seemed, Brian might be doing it on his own volition.


Brian, excited by Jack’s reaction, began to continually flick his tongue against his cock, moving it up and down its length and focusing mostly on its head.  It wasn’t so bad, Brian thought, wondering why he’d previously been repulsed by the idea of giving a man head.  Galvanized by the pleasure he was giving Jack, Brian then moved to take him completely in his mouth.


Jack whined with the penetration, Brian’s lips enveloping him was sensual ecstasy.  Brian was a bit reticent at first, but soon let himself go to the moment and let himself get lost in the wonderful sighs and moans he was hearing from his new friend. 


“Oh Brian,” Jack groaned, moving a hand to caress Brian’s hair.  Jack was careful not to grab it and pull him closer though, knowing full well how many of his female lovers hated such an action and with his fledgling Brian, he might stop him unintentionally.


Brian quickened his speed, sucking and licking Jack’s cock as if it were his last meal.  He didn’t know why he was motivated to do so, but something in him wanted to pleasure Jack more than anyone ever had.


Jack grunts were becoming louder and louder, his body shivering.  He pushed Brian away, his heart dropping a bit with the look of concern in Brian’s eyes as he looked up to him.  “Come up here, I want to pleasure you too,” Jack whispered, trying to assuage his friend.


Brian got up and the two of them moved so that they were lying next to one another on the bed.  “Was it bad?” Brian asked, his voice almost childlike.


“No, no,” Jack laughed, “No, it was amazing!”


They settled into the comfort of the mattress, letting each other’s hands explore their bodies until they had each other’s cocks in their hands and were stroking each other.  They matched each others rhythm, the two of them whining and moaning as they pulled each other closer and closer to their climax.  Jack had already gotten pretty close, so he was trying even harder to get Brian as aroused as he was.


“God, Brian, I want to make you come,” Jack breathed, his voice a bit staggered.


Brian groaned.  “I want to make you come, too, Jack.  I want to see you come hard.”


They both increased their pressure and speed, watching each other’s reactions to finally tune each touch to get them closer and closer to their desired end.  Brian was the first to go, his body tensing up, his hips lifting off the bed, and his seed wetting his chest.  Seeing his friend have his orgasm, pushed Jack over the edge almost immediately after, his body almost jerking with the shock of how powerful his orgasm had been and how good it felt to have his cock in Brian’s hand.


The two of them lay against the bed breathless, shifting so that they were in each other’s arms.  It was strange, neither of them felt awkward about what had just transpired, in fact, it had surprisingly all felt so natural and wonderful.  The soft breaths from Jack showed Brian that he’d fallen asleep in his arms, so Brian reached over and flipped off the light and joined him in sleep.



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