This is fan fiction. Though the characters involve real people, this does not recount real events. The rating on this story is NC-17/Hard R. If you are not a least 18 years of age, please do not read!





P a r t T w o


Radiantbaby, 1999


* * *



I lounged in the bathtub after work, trying to figure out how I was going to ask Maya out. I knew I needed to do it that evening to give her ample notice. I played out every possible scenario in my head, letting the heat of the water release the tension of my muscles.


I could call her and she could barely remember who I even am. I could call and she could tell me that she has other plans or just isn't interested (I mean, a girl like that alone on a Saturday night is surely a rarity). Or I could call and she could be happy to hear from me and agree to join me. So many possibilities...


I laid my head back and imagined the latter. I imagined showing up at her place and her wearing some low-cut black strappy number. I thought of her clinging to my arm all night at the awards show, the sweet scent of her perfume intoxicating me. I felt my cock throb at the thought and looked down to see it hardening and rising above the surface of the soapy water.


I grasped it, groaning, wishing it was her touch instead of mine. "Oh Maya," I murmured, beginning to slide my hand along it's length, using my other hand to cup my balls. I began to imagine a scenario involving the cab ride home and her surprising me and slipping to the floor between my legs. I imagined her caressing me through my pants, teasing me.




"That feels good, doesn't it?" she asks.


"Oh yes," I breathe, lifting my hips to meet her caress and press her hand tighter against me.


"Tut, tut. I am in control of this," she growls.


She lightly caresses me with her thumb, stroking up and down me until I am almost about to die if she doesn't touch me soon. Seeming to read my mind, she opens my pants and pulls them and my underwear to my knees. I am almost panting with desire, my eyes pressed tightly closed, when I feel her soft wet tongue flick against the head of my cock.


"Do you want me to taste you?" she purrs.


"Please," I moan, biting my lip.


She laps up and down the underside of my cock, pressing her tongue against my balls and underneath them. I feel her move her mouth lower, flicking her tongue just inside my anus, slipping it in and out of the entrance. She moves her hand up to stroke me as she moves her tongue in me, matching the rhythm of her soft penetration. I moan loudly, hardly able to keep my hips still as I just want to grind against her hand and to be inside her own wet warmth.


She then moves her hand and runs her tongue up and down the length of me again. I beg her to take me in her mouth and finally after a few more teases with her tongue, she finally sinks me inside her mouth, sucking me and flicking her tongue against me.


I bury my hands into her hair as she moves her mouth on me, knowing every perfect angle, every perfect pressure point. I am moving towards orgasm fast as she moves on me. I am grunting and groaning now loudly, not even caring what the cab driver might think of us. I move my hips against her, pushing myself in and out of her mouth until the pressure finally becomes to much and I come hard in her mouth.





I call out loudly, "Oh my God," and open my eyes, remembering I am only in the bathtub and that it was all a fantasy. My body shudders as I slow my final strokes, letting myself soften in my hands, not wanting the pleasure to end. I could hear the soft strains of Billie Holiday on the radio as I begin the catch my breath, my lingering moans echoing against the hard tiled room.



* * *



"Hello, Maya. This is John." I finally called her about an hour after my bath. It took about that long to stop pacing, picking up the phone and hanging it back up immediately, and smoking way too many cigarettes.


"Hi! How are you?" she replied, her voice excited on the phone. I felt myself blushing, fearing that she could somehow know my thoughts and know what I had just been thinking about her about an hour ago in the bath.


"Great! Great! Did you have a good day?" I am such a geek.


"Yes, it was wonderful, thank you. How about you?" The best day of my life?


"Oh yes, mine was most enjoyable as well."


"So, well, what's up?" Oh God, here it comes, deep breaths...


"Well, this might be a bit odd and even presumptuous of me, but well you see, I have an extra ticket to the MTV Video Awards this weekend and I remembered you had said that you were very into films, so I wondered if perhaps you wouldn't mind joining me?"


"Oh my God, yes! That would be so great! I have never been to an Awards show! Are you sure? Isn't it mainly just celebrities?"


"Well, yes and no. I have been for the last few years and it is usually pretty mixed. Now our tickets are V.I.P., so we get to sit with all the celebrities and even go to whatever aftershow you want to, if you'd like. Last year I ended up at a party spending much of the night discussing philosophy with Ben Stiller of all things! It was rather enjoyable. I mean, you don't have to go if you don't feel comfortable."


"No, no. I really want to go. As long as you don't leave my side, I am sure I'll feel safe." Pardon me?


"You won't have to worry about me leaving your side at all." In fact, you'll probably want me out of your hair by the end of the evening...


"So, do we have to cover the event for D Generation?"


"No, we have staff to do that. We are just there for the finger food!" I laughed.



* * *



We made our plans to meet for an early dinner on Saturday. Maya wasn't set to begin her position until the next Monday, so I waited in anticipation to see her again that weekend. I wanted to call her every night, but I also didn't want her to think me mad. I only called twice in the interim: once to verify plans and the other time for just small talk (as if I could resist).


When Saturday came, I showed up at her flat in my rented limousine (posh yes, but not my choice. Nigel insisted). I grasped the bouquet of roses to my chest as I nervously made my way up the stairs to her building and shuffled around nervously in front of her door for a good few minutes. Finally, I held my breath and rang the doorbell.


She opened the door looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a long silk strappy black dress (just like my fantasy, it was duly noted) with a plunging neckline that accentuated her cleavage, a black choker necklace and some strappy black heels. In her hair was a glittery silver and black barrette holding back the mounds of curls. I don't think I breathed for a long moment, just taking her in before me.


"Wow, you look great," she said to me with a huge smile. I blushed looking down at myself. I was wearing a black Armani suit, with an eggplant purple silk shirt.


"I was just about to say the same, but you beat me to it," I stammered.


I offered her the roses and she cooed over them for a moment, walking back inside to find a vase for them. "Come on in. It is nothing special and still lots of boxes all over from moving in, but it's home," she said wandering into the kitchen.


I followed behind her, making casually small talk as she washed the stems of the roses. "Ouch!" she called out suddenly.


I rushed over to her and she was holding her finger. She had pricked herself on one of the thorns. "Let me see," I said, taking her hand gently into my own, inspecting the small pool of blood at her fingertip. "Here," I said, pulling it to my mouth and suckled it softly to stop the flow of blood.


I wasn't really thinking when I did it. It began as a somewhat paternal action and then became sexual. She closed her eyes moaning slightly and I felt myself begin to harden. I kept her finger in my mouth, this time swirling my tongue around her other fingers one by one.


She opened her eyes and looked intently at me, a desire reflected there. I was ready to press myself against her, forget about the awards show and just spend the evening making love to her. Instead, I just moved slightly forward to kiss her lips softly, pulling back after lingering there for a moment whispering, "As much as I would greatly love for this to continue, I would hate to think we got all dressed up for nothing."


"Yes, I agree," she replied, looking up at me.


We straightened ourselves, putting the roses in a vase and strolled hand in hand out to the limousine waiting outside. The driver opened the door for the two of us and we settled inside. "Ooh, a limo, how swanky," she giggled.


"Well, yes, only the best for you," I replied in a faux baritone.


She snuggled up closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder on the trip there. I sighed, surprised by the night's events so far and anticipating the potential of the rest of the evening.



* * *



We arrived at the restaurant on time and actually ran into Guy Ritchie, the director of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I had met him over in England when I caught a screening of the film. He is a very pleasant chap and we are somewhat friends. He keeps saying that he wants to cast me in a film, that I have "great presence," but I think he has had far too many lagers. Me, an actor? Please!


"Oh my, John! I didn't realize you'd be here," he said coming over to us as we all waited to be seated.


"Well, you know how much I love this place!" I replied.


"Of course! I mean, the reason I chose it was because I was so impressed with it myself when we came here that one evening," he said, turning to Maya with a warm smile. "So, who is this fair beauty on your arm this evening? Have you been holding out on me?"


"This is Maya," I replied looking at her, "And Maya, this is my friend Guy Ritchie."


"Were you the director of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?" she asked, excitedly.


"Why yes, I am! Funny I thought no one in this country had ever seen my film and here I am getting an award tonight for 'Best New Director'!" he laughed, clapping me on the shoulder, "I do like this one!"


"Well, I like her too," I smiled, pulling her to me a little, with my arm around her back.


Guy looked over my shoulder with a slight sneer, "Bah! There is my dinner mate. He wants to be my new agent, but I find him terribly seedy. Still, he wanted to take me to dinner to try and woo me."


"Well, you need a good date for the evening," I chuckled.


"Ha ha," he whispered under his breath. "Mr. Hall, how are you?" he called out to the gentleman behind us.


"It was a pleasure to meet you Maya and I hope to see the two of you this evening," Guy said, walking away with the nefarious Mr. Hall.


"He was really nice," Maya said as the waitress came up to lead up to our table.


"Yes, he's great. We didn't have any staff to go out to see the film that week as it was bank holiday, so I ended up doing the interview with him myself. We got on marvelously, found we had a lot in common and have been mates ever since. I am happy that he is getting recognition for his film, he is so deserving of it."


We ate a lovely dinner of pasta and red wine, talking about our favorite films of the years. I was rather impressed with her knowledge of the medium and even that she knew some of the obscure numbers that I gravitate towards. She was happy to know that I was friends with a few directors and that I'd be happy to introduce any to her that she fancied. She also thought it was cute that Alison Anders has had a crush on me since I went to cover Gas, Food and Lodging.


After indulging in a delicious chocolate dessert from Hell, we gathered our things to get ready to go to the awards show. I still found myself wanting to kiss her again, loving the fact that we held hands all through dinner and gazed at each other like two teenaged lovebirds. Once we got in the limo again, I took the brief opportunity I had before our arrival at the show and kissed her again.


This time the kiss was more passionate, as she slid her tongue past my lips into my mouth and he hands into my hair. We moved our tongues against each others, slowly gliding them around, exploring each other's mouth with languor. I sighed against her mouth, lost in the supreme pleasure of her lips. Afterwards, she wiped the lipstick from my lips and retouched her makeup. This was indeed going to be an interesting evening.



* * *



When we arrived at the awards show, we waited in a short queue of other limousines, watching the other's before us get out one by one. It was a mixture of celebrities, executives, and some press, like us. Maya grabbed my hand tightly, "Oh my God, I am so nervous, what do I do?" she stammered.


I leaned down and kissed her softly on the cheek, "Don't worry, just be yourself."


As it became closer to our turn to exit the limo, she became well aware of all the photographers snapping pictures of everyone who got out of their limos, hoping for that great shot. They essentially were taking pictures of everyone since they were unsure of who was going to be coming out of what limo. I had been in a few situations like this with a lot of flashing photographers, but generally once they saw it was just little ole me, they relented. Still, it is quite blinding when you first step out.


"Now when you get out, look straight ahead because the flashes will be going off to your sides and if you look that way you will be blinded. Even though you are looking straight ahead, it will still be hard to see, so look down first to make sure you step down completely on the street and maybe scan a bit ahead of you on the ground for any steps and then look ahead. I will be right behind you, so don't worry. Also, once they see that we are not celebrities, they will stop taking pictures and we can just stroll in," I said, handing her the V.I.P. pass to put around her neck.


"Okay," she replied, still visibly nervous.


"Don't worry, okay?" I said trying to calm her, stroking her cheek with the back of my hand.


The car stopped and the driver announced that it was our turn. I watched him get out and walk around to our door and kissed Maya again quickly on the lips, "Here we go."


The driver opened the door for us and the flashes went off as Maya rose from the car. I followed right behind her, my hand on her waist as I led her forward down the red carpeting into the venue. About halfway there, the flashing had ceased as all the photographers prepared for the next people to come out. Once inside it was the usual clusterfuck of such events with everyone huddled in their little groups.


"So, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked, walking up to Maya's side instead of staying behind her.


"No, wow. It was actually invigorating. I cannot imagine what it would be like had we actually been famous and they kept snapping pictures!" she replied, obviously excited by the whole ambience.


"Well, we pretty much snubbed the photographers. If we were famous, we would have done a bit of a celebrity catwalk thing where we turned to both sides so that they could get better pictures. Then we really would have been blinded!" I laughed, leading her through the lobby. "If we go upstairs here, it is the best place for people watching before the show. That way, if you see someone you want to meet, then you can come back down and meet them. Otherwise you can just sit up there and just observe."


We walked up the stairs to some tables that were by a balcony overlooking the lobby. There were a few other people up there, but most people were downstairs where all the action was. "This is so great," Maya said sitting down and leaning against the railing to look at the people below. "Can you really introduce me to anyone?"


"Well...I don't know everyone and, trust me, I can get as star struck as you, but I do know enough people that we can probably meet whomever you want without it being awkward," I replied, sitting across from her.


"John! John Taylor!" I heard a familiar voice call from behind me and looked to see Hole's Courtney Love. I have known her since I helped with consulting on the film Sid and Nancy she was in many years ago. Her and I have always had an interesting rapport and both her and a friend she had a few years ago, Amanda De Cadenet (daughter of famous race car driver Alain De Cadenet and Britain's wild child) seemed to fancy me a bit. Nothing every came out of it though. They are good for a few drinks, but not people I would settle down with.


"Courtney Love, luv," I replied, she always loved when I said that for some reason. She had ran up and thrown her arms around me, much to the amusement of Maya sitting across from me.


"You look so great, tonight," she said and then looked over at Maya, "I wish he was my date."


"Ah, Courtney, you had your chance, but 'Billy Pumpkin' seemed to have won out at the time," I teased.


She sighed dramatically, "Oh well!" and then popped me softly on the head, "Okay, I gotta go, I get to present an award tonight and play!"


"Moving up in the world, eh?" I laughed at her as she walked away. She turned to me and gave me the British two-fingered "fuck you" gesture and flicked her tongue between her fingers. Lovely.


"Okay, that was weird," Maya laughed.


"Yeah, she's like that. I think she was jealous I had a date this year, last year she tried to get me to go home with her and the year before, it was her and this bird Amanda trying to get me to go home and be with both of them! I usually don't have that sort of effect on women!"


"You'd be surprised," she replied, suggestively running the tip of her shoe over my calf under the table.


"Oooh," I replied, trying to keep my composure. I knew tonight was going to be an extreme test of my will.



* * *



The awards show was pretty good. I was jamming to Kid Rock and Maya laughed at me, she said she was surprised that I was into Rap music. I also had a good laugh at Robbie William's performance a la James Bond, though I think the kid is quite a wanker. The shock of Jim Carrey's appearance was quite memorable and I ventured to find him after the show and speak with him, but I couldn't find him. Still, the greatest part of the whole evening was that Maya held onto my hand the whole time.


We stayed a little while for the aftershow blitz and met a few celebrities like Stephen Dorff, Mike Myers, the rest of Hole, James Van Der Beek, and a few others but I don't want to excessively name-drop. Then we went to a late night cafe and snuggled in one of their cushioned circular privacy booths. We drank tea and had some pastries, cuddling like two teenagers. I saw people looking at us with the same mix of annoyance and jealousy that I often look at Nigel and Miriam with when they are all kissy-kissy and the rest of the world doesn't exist. But here I was being just like them...and I loved it.


Then we took the limo to her flat and I kissed her softly goodnight at her door, luxuriating in the soft feel of her hair between my fingers as I caressed the back of her neck. She opened the door, "Are you coming in?" she asked with a wink.


"Well, I...I would most certainly like to...I just, well, I wouldn't want to seem too forward..." I began to stammer, but she interrupted me by softly running her fingers across the bulge of my growing erection. I moaned at her action, her touch causing me to harden completely, pressing tightly against the inseam of my pants.


"Just come inside," she said, beckoning me inside as she walked backwards.


"Okay," I said, following her, finding myself almost blinded by the rising desire for her in me. I felt my heart pounding, "But what of the limo driver?"


"I'll take you home later if you need," she replied, taking off her jewelry and shoes.


I pulled out my cell phone and rang the driver and told him his services were no longer needed for the evening. He gave me a knowing grunt as a reply. I looked to see Maya fiddling with the back of her dress, trying to unzip it and take it off. I rushed over to her, placing my hands over hers. "No, let me," I whispered, sinking my mouth to her neck to kiss.


I slowly unzipped her dress, kissing down her neck to her shoulders as I pushed the dress's straps down her arms, kissing lower and lower on her chest as her dress fell to the floor. I breathed in the scent of her, moaning as I kissed her chest, lowering my mouth towards her breast. I paused to look up at her and make sure I was not doing too much before I reached it. She smiled suggestively down at me and I knew she wanted me to continue.


I slid off her bra and covered her nipple with my mouth, pushing my tongue out to lightly press against its hardness. She moaned, moving her hands into my hair and holding my head against her. I rolled my tongue over her nipple, closing my lips over the hardened nub, alternately sucking and licking. I then moved my mouth over to her other nipple and gave it the same sensual treatment. "Oh yes, John. Your mouth feels so good," she whispered.


I moaned against her flesh, her words turning me on even more. Then I stood up, pulling her against me, lowering my mouth to kiss her. "John, you are so over dressed," she laughed when our lips parted.


She was correct indeed as I was still fully dressed, even my suit jacket was still on. "Why don't we at least sit down?" she added, leading me over to her couch.


I sat down and she sat in my lap facing me. "Mmm, I can certainly deal with sitting down," I replied with a smirk.


She smiled back at me, her eyes glittering in the soft light of the room. I reached to take my jacket off, but she stopped my hands. "No, I want to undress you. I have wanted to undress you a long time," she said timidly.


"You have? Me?" I replied, cocking my eyebrow in surprise.


"Yes, ever since I first saw you at the cafe, I have fantasized about you. I always wanted you to notice me, but you always seemed too into your drawing. Little did I know the drawing was of me, I was happily surprised," she confessed, stroking the material of my shirt as she spoke.


"I...I would have never known," I began, but she moved one hand to press a finger against my lips to quiet me.


She reached to slide my jacket off and laid it to the side of the couch. Then she pressed her hands against my chest, slowly unfastening the buttons of my shirt while stroking the flesh beneath as it became visible. I moaned with every touch, goosebumps rising on my flesh from the pleasure of her caresses. Once completely unbuttoned, she slid the shirt off me and onto the small pile of my jacket on the floor.


She moved her thumbs to caress my nipples, slowly rolling the pad of her thumb on them. I moaned a little louder, my nipples always being very sensitive and also a bit bewildered by the fact that it was her, my dream lover, touching me. "Do you like that?" she asked in a low, husky tone.


"Oh most definitely yes," I breathed.


She slid her hands down my chest, dragging her fingernails lightly across the flesh as she did, causing me to slightly buck into her from the pleasure. She smiled at me knowingly and then moved one of her fingers to lightly caress the small amount of downy hair leading from my belly to my cock. She slipped her finger under the waistband of my trousers, teasing the flesh there as she trailed her finger along the length of the waistband, slipping around my waist.


She then slid one of her hands past the waistband of my underwear and pulled my cock into her grasp. "Oh my God," I groaned, lifting my hips slightly to meet her touch.


With her other hand, she unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers, so that she could free my cock from it's stifling confines. She moved her hand over me, stroking me with just enough pleasure to be between a light tease and utter intensity. A fine line of ecstasy I enjoyed walking.


I moved my hands back up to her nipples, caressing and kneading her breasts as she touched me. She then shifted, standing up before me. At first I was worried that she was ending the evening there, thinking perhaps in our slight champagne stupor that we might have gone too far, but I was proven wrong as she sank to her knees between mine. My cab fantasy flashed in my mind briefly as I saw her on the floor before me, causing me to moan.


She grabbed the waistband of my trousers and underwear and pulled them from under me to my feet on the floor. My heart was racing as my arousal was pulsing through my entire being. Still, I was having a bit of an inner conflict though. First off, I didn't want her to think that this was common for me, but I was just so overtaken with desire, things just progressed a bit faster than usual. I also worried that perhaps she was only doing this because she felt obligated to as repayment for taking her to the movie awards.


"You don't have to..." I offered, making sure to make eye contact with her, so that she knew that I wasn't trying to force her into anything uncomfortable.


"But I want to," she replied, running her fingernails up the insides of my thighs towards my erection.


I whined, closing my eyes for a moment and biting my lip. "Want to what?" I asked, feigning ignorance and also wanting to hear it from her mouth to add to the eroticism.


"I want to suck you off," she began, running her finger along the underside of my cock, "And I want to taste your come."


My cock twitched and I groaned at her words, "Oh God yes, please. I want you to."


I watched her move her mouth to my thigh, flicking her tongue against the flesh as she moved her mouth closer and closer to my groin. She then pressed her tongue against the top of my balls, slowly slipping it across them before taking them into her mouth. I whined as she softly mouthed my balls, sucking them softly and rolling her tongue over them.


She then moved her mouth to the base of my cock, running it along the underside to the tip. She pushed back the gathering of flesh there with her tongue, moving it around underneath the foreskin, caressing the head of my cock. I moved my hand to the back of her head, but resisted the urge to push myself deeper inside her mouth and only just stroked her hair.


She lingered on my head for a short time, building up the mounting pleasure within me until she finally sunk me inside her mouth, taking me all the way in. "Oh yes," I called out, as she moved me within her warm mouth, sucking me heavily.


She moved her head up and down on me, her hand moving to cup my balls and lightly caress them with her thumb. I moved my hips slightly, pushing myself against her mouth, caught up in the rapture of her actions. I could feel my orgasm building quickly, starting as a faint tingling deep within me and growing and growing until it culminated in an explosion, sending shivers all through my body. I jerked and spasmed as I came inside her mouth, moaning as she greedily sucked all the fluids I had to give.


She suckled me until I became flaccid, seeming to pull everything out of me. Then she moved her mouth from me, looking up at me with a mischievous smile as a bit of my come dripped from the corner of her mouth. She used her thumb to wipe it off, sucking it off her thumb.


"Oh God, come here," I groaned, pulling her up to my chest and kissed her deeply.


I wrapped my arms around her, turning us so that I lay on top of her. I kissed all over her face, "Amazing, you are just so utterly amazing," I mumbled.


I slid down her body, hooking her panties with my fingers and pulled them down. I nuzzled her belly, moving my kisses down to the soft wetness between her legs. I pushed my tongue against her lightly, feeling the soft throbbing of her clitoris and tasting the sweet liquid inside her. I was greeted with a moan from her as I moved my mouth to push my tongue inside deeper, moving it against the roof of her insides and back to stroke her clitoris.


She sank her hands into my hair and I pushed her legs up over my shoulders so that I had a better vantage point. I moved my tongue against her with differing pressures, letting both my heated breath and such caresses tease her. I wanted to pleasure her fully, but I also wanted to drag it out and not have it end too quickly.


I buried my face against her, my stimulation rising with her arousal until she was quivering against me. I pulled her clitoris into my mouth, sucking on it fiercely as I flicked my tongue against it. I also pushed two fingers inside her, pushing and pulling them inside her as she rose to orgasm, throbbing around my fingers and her whole body shuddering. I still held onto her though, staying with her through her climax, causing her to climax a second time almost immediately after.


Her body finally calmed as I lazily stroked her insides with my tongue, not wanting to stop. Then I moved up to lay above her, kissing her for what seemed like forever. I then just laid my head on her shoulder, just taking in the moment. The softness of her voice pulled me from my reverie, "Do you not want to make love to me?"


Her voice was almost timid, insecure. I sat up to look her in the eye, placing my hand over my heart. "Oh Maya. I most assuredly want to make love to you. I just thought perhaps we might wait until we next see each other. As much as I would like to take care of my most primal urges, I would rather wait until the desire is perhaps built up more. I am probably not making much sense. Lying here naked on a beautiful woman is fogging my brain...I just...I just want it to be special. Call me romantic, I don't know..."


She smiled widely at me, her eyes welling with tears. She raised her hand to stroke the side of my face. "You don't have to explain. I understand completely. I was just worried this would be the last time I might see you, that if we made love perhaps it would bring you back."


I took her hand and moved it to my lips, "I am not going anywhere, you need not worry about that. You are probably going to have a time trying to rid yourself of me. I don't want you to think you have to say or do anything special to get my attention, you already most definitely have it and that is just from you being yourself. I want you to stay real with me."



* * *



"Well, I have to get up early tomorrow morning and do some things..." she started.


"Alright then," I replied standing up and putting my clothes back on. "I suppose I will see you again next Monday then?"


"Yes, Monday," she replied, dressing herself.


She walked me to the door and I turned around taking her hand into mine, "I really had an amazing evening, Maya." I leaned in to kiss her mouth, but she seemed more distant than before when we kissed.


I didn't want to put her out any longer. "Shall I call a cab? I don't want you to have to stay up too late."


"No, no, I promised I'd take you home, let me just change into something more comfortable," she replied walking into her bedroom.


She emerged a few minutes later wearing some jeans, a t-shirt, and some sandals. We walked downstairs together in an uncomfortable silence and entered her car, a quaint red little Toyota. I told her where to go to drop me off, which was pretty easy and only minutes away. We arrived at my building and she dropped me off in front. "Again, this was an incredible evening. Thank you for everything," I said shyly, kissing her on the cheek as she seemed reluctant for me to do anything else.


We said our goodbyes and I walked slowly up to my building. I had this enormous pit of despair growing inside me and Maya's change in demeanor was worrying me. I turned back to her car to see her waiting for me to go inside. I held my breath and ran back to the car, knocking on the window.


She looked a bit perplexed as she opened the window. "Maya," I said almost breathlessly, "Please tell me what I did wrong. I didn't mean to alienate you or offend you. Please tell me. I can't just go inside and go to bed without resolving this." I was scared out of my mind being so honest with her, but I knew, as I had said, if I didn't have any resolution, I would go insane with worry.


"I just..." she began, just looking at her hands on the steering wheel.


"Do you need to talk?" I asked softly.


She sighed heavily, "Yes."


I got her to pull around into the guest parking lot and we walked to a small park that is connected to the property. We sat down on a bench, still only silent. My mind was racing, trying to remember every little thing I said or did tonight that good have affected her. Had I moved too fast? Had I moved too slow? Was I awful in bed? Did I say something that I didn't know would offend her?


"I am sorry John, you didn't do anything wrong," she finally whispered, looking down at the ground.


"It certainly doesn't seem that way. Please tell me why you are feeling so upset. Perhaps I can help," I replied, feeling my body begin to tremble with nerves.


"I don't know, I guess that I just wasn't expecting you to...to turn me down tonight. I guess that I came on too strongly and I am sorry for that. What you said to me was very nice, but you can be straight with me. If I pushed too much, I am sorry," she replied.


I took her hand, "Oh my God, no. I didn't think you came on too strongly, I was worried that I did. I was worried that if we made love, you would think that I was just using you for a one-night stand. I wanted it to be very clear to you that I want to see you again...and again and again. I am sorry, I was just trying to be a gentleman. I wanted to be what you want me to be. I guess that I was mistaken. I didn't reject you. I mean, my God, I think it took every ounce of my being to not continue tonight! You made me feel more pleasure than I have felt in a very long time. I don't mean just sexual, either. Just being with you, talking with you, holding your hand...I haven't been this happy in a long time. I didn't want to be impulsive and ruin it before it started. I am pretty stupid when it comes to women, I never know what is the right thing to do. I guess I went and screwed up again. What a lovely track record," I replied, nervously running my hand through my hair.


"John," she looked at me with a smile, "You didn't screw up, it is just my insecurities speaking. I guess I am just not used to someone having the forethought to perhaps hold back a little the first time. I mean, let's face it, most men would have taken what they could get and you didn't. I can't believe you showed so much respect for me so soon. I am flattered."


"Well, you do not deserve anything less than my greatest esteem and respect," I replied, brushing her hair back from her face.


"So, what do we do now?" she asked, laying her head on my shoulder.


"Well, if you didn't need to get up so early in the morning tomorrow, I would have heavily considered carrying you up to my flat and ravishing you," I giggled.


"I lied about the early morning."


"I hoped so."


"Would you then? I mean, you wouldn't consider it 'un-gentlemanly' if I invited you up to stay the night with me?" I asked, timidly.


"I would consider it 'un-gentlemanly' if you did not," she laughed.



* * *



I held her hand as we walked inside my building. Mr. Harvey -- William -- the doorman greeted us when we entered. "Good evening, Mr. Taylor. Or should I say good morning?" he said, peering over the book he was reading.


I looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly 4:00. "Good morning would be fine, William," I chuckled, leading Maya towards the elevator.


I pulled out my keycard for elevator access and we waited for it to arrive. "Were you two at the MTV Movie Awards tonight? I think I saw you on the television at one point!" William asked.


"Yes we were. Oh my, the camera caught us? I do hope I wasn't picking my nose or anything," I replied, leading Maya into the elevator as the doors opened behind us.


William laughed, "No, you were just smiling...ear to ear."


The elevator doors closed, leaving Maya and I alone. "I was smiling because of you," I said, pulling her close and kissing her.


"As was I."


"You know I was caught picking my nose on the telly once," I confessed, embarrassed.


"No way, were you?" she laughed.


I sighed, "Yes, I was at this music business banquet deal in London years ago and it was televised. Anyway, there I was digging deep and they were panning the room and focused on me. My mum called me later that evening scolding me playfully. When I watched the playback, I was absolutely mortified!"



* * *



I lead her to my apartment, so nervous that I even dropped my keys before actually coordinating getting them in the lock and opening the door. Of course it did not help that she had her arms around me from behind and was stroking my erection through my pants.


Once inside, I flipped on the light and pushed her against the wall, kissing her fiercely. "You are being very naughty," I moaned against her mouth, playfully chastising her.


We moved into the heart of the living room, kissing as we pulled off each other's clothes until we finally ended up on my bed on the far end of the room. I laid above her, holding her wrists together above her head, and focused my kisses on her neck. With my free hand, I spread her legs and settled between them, pressing my naked body against her's.


"Do you want me?" I whispered, moving my kisses to her earlobe as I sucked and nibbled lightly on it.


"Oh yes," she breathed, moving her hips to push herself tighter against me.


I moved my hand between her legs, slipping a finger inside to feel the warm wetness there. "Hmm, it seems you are still wet. Does that mean you want me inside you?"


"Yes," she moaned.


I slid her nether lips slightly apart so that her hardened clitoris was exposed and pressed the base of my cock against it. I began moving my hips so that my cock was sliding against her, stimulating her with long strokes. "Do you like my cock?" I whispered in her ear, feeling slightly out of character, but caught up in the eroticism of the moment.




"What do you want me to do with it?" I asked, increasing the speed and pleasure of me moving against her as she began to moan and twitch with her own pleasure.


"I want you to put it deep inside me and fuck me hard with it," she groaned, her body trembling.


I slid my hips slightly back and then pushed myself inside her, pushing myself all the way inside to the hilt. At first I just stopped there, enjoying the feel of being inside her, but my own pleasure was beckoning and my desire was growing inside me. I began to move against her, still holding her hands above her head and burying my face between the groove of her arm and head.


I pushed against her deeply, drawing myself in and out of her slowly, my other hand moving to pinch and rub her clitoris. I felt her muscles clenching me inside her, causing me to move faster against her, my rhythm growing and growing until I was almost slamming against her, our flesh slapping each other as we made contact. I moved against her almost like a wild animal, drowning in my desire for her, feeling the almost forgotten pleasures that sex can bring.


It had been several months since I'd last been intimate with anyone and probably at least a year since I'd had what I would call "really good sex." This certainly qualified, making my masturbation fantasies of her seem like nothing. She quivered below me, thrusting her hips to meet every one of my own thrusts, her climax building quickly until she called out, "Oh my God, oh God, oh God," he muscles kneading me inside her as she bucked against me.


I rode the waves of her orgasm with her, her cries of passion and her body's movements causing my own climax to soon follow. I pushed myself as deep inside her as I could, almost lifting her hips off the bed as I pumped my semen into her, shaking as I grunted and groaned with each spasm.



* * *



We laid there for a few minutes, just soaking up each other's presence, basking in the afterglow, so to speak. My heart was still racing and I could hardly believe the reality of the situation. Just hours ago I was fantasizing about something like this happening and now that it had happened, I was absolutely bewildered by it all. "Okay, you are going to kill me," Maya's timid voice rose above the silence.


"Huh? What do you mean?"


"I need to go back home...if that is alright. Nothing against you at all, I just came here as is, with no clothes, no makeup...I would just feel more comfortable in my own place tonight. It's a shame too, as you have such a comfortable bed," she replied, leaning up on her elbow to look at me, tracing her finger over my chest.


"Oh...okay," I said, a bit deflated.


She seemed to sense my self-effacement and added, "I would really like you to join me though. That is, if you wouldn't mind staying in my bed. It is not as nice as this one, but it's something, I guess."


"I would like that very much," I replied, kissing her.


I gathered some clothes for the next day and my toothpaste and toothbrush and headed out with her to her car. The sun was beginning to rise as we pulled out of the car park and we both cooed over the beauty of it over the skyline. This had indeed been an amazing evening.


* * *



I woke up around noon. I was disoriented at first, the sweet feminine smells of the bed sheets of an unfamiliar bed assaulting my senses. The fogginess of my head lifted and I looked to my side to see Maya fast asleep in a loose fetal position. I smiled to myself as the memories of our sweet encounter the night before came back to me. I moved to slide myself against her, pressing my body against her warm back. She stirred slightly, accepting my embrace, but remained asleep.


I laid there for a short time just reveling in the soft feel of her flesh against mine and the faint fruity scent of her hair against my face. I could feel her heartbeat lightly under my palm that rested over her chest and the soft rise and fall of her body as she breathed. It was one of the moments that you take a mental "photograph," remembering every little nuance to retrieve in the future on some late, lonely night.


My stomach growled lightly, beginning to get more insistent as the moments passed. I moved from the embrace, easing off the bed carefully as to not rouse Maya and made my way out of the bedroom. I passed through the living room sleepily, making my way into the kitchen. I pulled open the refrigerator and cabinets and took stock of what was there. I wanted to make her breakfast.


The only thing I was able to come up with was two eggs and some Pop Tarts. I found a skillet and scrambled the eggs, mixing in some cheese she had with them. Then while I was frying the eggs, I cooked the Pop Tarts in the microwave. True bachelor cooking, granted, but at least it was something.


I was able to dig up a tray to put everything on and laid some of the roses I had given her the night before around the plates for aesthetic presentation. I left the food in the kitchen to go in and wake up Maya. I stood by the bed for a moment watching her sleep peacefully, contemplating just letting her sleep and reheating breakfast later. She seemed to sense my presence and stirred, opening her eyes slowly to look up at me.


"Good morning. Sorry that I woke you," I said to her in a hushed tone and leaning down to kiss her on the forehead.


For a brief moment I feared her reaction to me being there that morning, as if what we had shared the evening before was all due to too much champagne. The classic "morning-after" regret. My fears were soothed though when she smiled up at me sweetly. "Good morning," she sighed.


"I have a surprise for you."


"What?" she giggled.


"You have to close your eyes."


She closed her eyes and I left the room to get the breakfast tray. "You aren't peeking, are you?" I asked from the kitchen.




I carried the tray back into the bedroom, chuckling to myself as I saw her sitting up in her bed with her eyes dramatically shut tight and a big smile on her face. I set the tray down over her legs. "Okay, you can open your eyes now."


She opened her eyes and gasped in delight. "I hope you don't mind that I rummaged through your kitchen and made you breakfast," I said shyly.


"No, of course not! A beautiful nude man serving me breakfast in bed is a definite fantasy," she laughed.


I blushed at her compliment, replying with "Well, it has always been a fantasy of mine to serve breakfast to a beautiful woman in bed."


We both laughed and I slid onto the bed next to her, kissing her deeply on the mouth before we began to eat. "Hmm, eggs and Pop Tarts, you are quite the gourmet," she teased, surveying the food.


"Hey, it wasn't like there was a whole lot to choose from. It was either this or Ramen noodles," I replied, pretending to be offended.


"Well, I suppose this will have to do," she said in mock agony.



* * *



We ate our breakfast, laughing about some of the funny things that we had witnessed at the awards show the night before. "Trust me, a lot of those 'entertainers' are aptly named as they certainly do their share of entertainment for me, especially as they get more and more intoxicated!" I scoffed.


"I am sure you've probably witnessed your fair share of eccentricities with your job over the years!"


"Oh yes indeed. I have quite a catalogue of stories to share with my grandchildren someday. I think what is worse is the, dare I say, flotsam that tends to gravitate towards people on my position. I think that is why there is such a danger for people who are journalists, DJs, public relations persons, etc. to wind up in a big egotistical 'star trip.' When the 'groupies' cannot get with the celebrity they desire to be near, they try to get with someone like me, or even you, to get to said celebrity by proxy. You'll have to watch out for that sort of thing. People will get anything they can out of you to get what they think they need."


She nodded seriously at me, making me somewhat self conscious over the direction our conversation had taken. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound all gloom and doom. There are positive aspects of the business as well," I added, trying to lighten things up again.


"No, it just sounds like you've been through a whole lot, but then you have been running the magazine for almost twenty years so that makes sense. Was it all you expected it to be?" she asked, setting down her fork after finishing her last bite of the food.


"My, you've done your homework! Yes, it has been almost twenty years exactly. In some ways it was much more than I ever expected. I mean, when we started D Generation, I never expected it to get as big as it has gotten. I was happy when there was only about five people reading it and that was usually just friends and family. Then again, there was always this little part of me that wanted to parlay this into a music career. That, unfortunately, has never happened. I guess that I wouldn't change anything if I could do it all again, though. It all turned out better than I could have ever imagined," I replied, thoughtfully.


"Do you play music?"


"Yes, a little bit of guitar and some bass. I have jammed around with friends but the chemistry is never really there. One thing I have learned is that forming a good band is all in the timing. All the elements have to come together at just the right moment, otherwise if one piece is missing, it just doesn't gel," I paused, sighing, "So, I have to ask, how did you know how long I've been doing the magazine?"


"Well, to be honest, I read the article on you in Entrepreneur and the one with both you and Nigel in Forbes that came out about a year ago," she confessed with a blush.


"You did? Oh my God, I hope I didn't sound too pompous! I didn't want to do either interview, but Nigel really wanted to, saying it was good exposure and all. Actually, he was right, though I did find it funny that these two punk guys were on the covers of such conservative, business oriented magazines. For the Forbes cover shoot, we both spiked our hair for the occasion. So here was Nigel with his spiky, blonde hair a la Billy Idol or something, while wearing big metal earrings, a spiked dog collar and a 'Die Yuppie Scum' shirt, half-hidden under his black three-piece suit. Then there was me with my own hair spiked up, a blue velvet Vivienne Westwood suit and my favorite Vivienne Westwood 'Sex' shirt. We had stayed up the night before putting together our 'look,' like two mischievous schoolboys plotting to upset their parents. The amount of lagers ingested by the two of us certainly didn't help matters! When we went to the photo session the next day, I don't think they knew what to do!"


"You guys are awful," she playfully shoved me. "You guys looked great though. I especially liked how you looked in the Entrepreneur pictures. I thought you looked...well, I thought you looked rather sexy." She covered her face in embarrassment over being so candid.


"Are you serious? I had my glasses on in that session, as my eyes were hurting that day. I thought I looked like a total geek! Then they had me posing in that apparatus that was shaped like a big dollar sign and that one shaped like a big treble clef. It was like some bad 70s thing!" I laughed self-consciously.


"Well, I thought you looked wonderful and that suit was very flattering to...uh...certain parts of your anatomy," she replied, teasingly rubbing my inner thigh. "Have you ever considered modeling? The camera seems to love you."


My cock began to harden from her soft ministration and I stammered, attempting to remain clear-headed. "Well," I began, clearing my throat, "I doubt I'd be much of a model...so, did you read these magazines when they came out or just recently?"


"Well, I read them when they came out and then re-read them when I was researching my job. I completely was crushing on you when I first read them and when I started seeing you at Cafe Bari, I couldn't believe it was actually you. I had seen you on television a few times, on MTV and on music panels or whatever, but I never thought I'd meet you. When I found out about the job opening, I was so excited, I just had to try and get in. I called some people that I knew who hooked me up with Nigel. Never would I thought that I'd end up here with you naked in my bed after a passionate evening together," she replied, blushing.


"You had a crush on me?" I asked, most surprised.


"Not had, have. I never stopped having a crush on you," she replied coquettishly, pushing an errant of hair behind her ear. "Seeing you in the flesh at the cafe all those times and then finally at the interview, only made me want you more."


"I...uh...I would have never guessed. You seemed so aloof, so out of reach. Wow, somebody pinch me, this is all happening like some dream," I mused.


"Well, if this is all I dream, I for one certainly don't want to wake up!" she said, moving the tray to the bedside table and then moving back to kiss me passionately.


I whined as we broke our kiss, "Neither do I, luv. Neither do I."


I moved my hand to lightly caress her breast, pulling her nipple between my forefinger and thumb and lightly rolling it between them. She moaned, sliding her hand down to caress my hard cock, lightly stroking along the length of it.


I buried my face in her neck, lapping at the flesh there, nibbling lightly. She laid back against the pillows as I moved to lie above her, pressing myself against her. I untangled her legs from the blankets to slid my hand between, caressing her thighs lightly with my fingertips.


"Oh John, touch me please," she whispered.


I moaned at her request, moving my fingers up to stroke her outer vaginal lips, rolling the pad of my thumb over her clitoris. She lifted her hips to meet my touch, trying to urge me to stop with my teasing. I slid one of my fingers just inside her, delighting in the fact that she was so warm and wet already. I then moved it deep inside her, caressing her insides with it, causing her to writhe against me.


"I have had an enormous crush on you as well," I whispered as I moved my lips from her neck to her earlobe. "I even...I even have masturbated about you."


"Mmm, have you?" she asked, sexily. "What have you masturbated about?"


"Just moments like this. Me pleasing you, you pleasing me, you watching me touch myself..." I replied, a little embarrassed.


"I would love to watch you touch yourself, would you touch yourself for me?"


I moved to look her in the eye, "Are you sure?"


"Only if you'd want to."


I spread her legs a little wider and settled between them on my knees, never moving my hand from between her legs. I then pulled my finger from inside her, replacing it with my other hand, and using that hand to also caress and pinch her clitoris.


The hand that I was originally using to touch her, I brought to my cock, using the residue of her natural wetness to lubricate my cock as I began to slowly stroke it. "Tell me more about your fantasies," she said, resting her hands on my hips.


"Well...I have this reoccurring one, actually. It takes place at the cafe. One day it is only the two of us there, so you ask me to join you. At first I am reticent as I am afraid I will make a fool out of myself, but I decide to join you. We end up talking and getting along rather well.


Anyway, at some point you drop something and I reach down to pick it up. It is slightly out of my reach, so I get out of the chair and crawl under the table. You are wearing a very short skirt and your legs are uncrossed. I see that you are not wearing panties. I try my best to be a gentleman and not stare, but it is very difficult. I reach forward to grab the item and just then you grab the back of my head and push it between your legs.


I can't tell if you misinterpreted my forward motion or not, but there I am with my head between your legs. Never one to miss such an opportunity, I begin to perform oral sex on you, making you come over and over again. I know, very juvenile, but it always gets me off," I confess, my breath a bit jagged as I am stroking myself as well as her.


"Tell me more about the oral sex," she groaned, her own body quivering from my touch.


I cleared my throat, "Well, as I said I am a bit hesitant at first as I don't know what you want from me exactly. I begin by a quick flicker of my tongue against your clitoris. You squirm slightly in your seat, spreading your legs open wider and moving yourself closer to my face. I repeat the action, quickening the times that I do it until finally I am pressing the flat of my tongue against you. I then slip my tongue inside you, moving it in and out as deeply as I can against your inner flesh, occasionally slipping it out to press against your clitoris again, only to return inside you. When you begin to cry for release, I wrap my lips around your clit, sinking two fingers deep inside you. I suck on your clit, pumping my fingers in and out of you, causing you to tremble and...and I can feel the wetness flowing from you and your muscles contracting and I know you are close....and I press my face as tightly against you as I can, pushing my fingers in as deep as I can until you come...oh my god, you come in my mouth!" I exclaimed, catching my own self ejaculating onto her stomach, my orgasm sneaking up on me.


I stroked myself softly, riding out the finality of the climax, "I am so sorry, that just snuck up on me," I whispered.


She was writhing beneath me, my fingers moving against her flesh. "Put your mouth on me, put your mouth on me like the fantasy," she called out.


I moved my body back and lowered my mouth to her, sliding my fingers inside her, while I sucked heavily on her clit, flicking my tongue against it while it was inside my mouth. She moved her hips, grinding herself against my mouth, her breathing loud and heavy. I could feel how close she was, so I sucked harder on her, pushing her to the almost howl she made when she finally came, her hips high in the air, held up by my hand. She spasmed against me and I kept sucking, keeping her coming, not letting her loose until she was completely spent.



* * *



We spent the rest of the day just lounging around in bed, only getting up to shower and order a pizza for lunch and dinner. "God, I am so nervous about tomorrow!" Maya said.


"Don't be! Everyone in the office is really great. Nigel can sometimes intimidate some people as tall as he is, but he is harmless. You'll probably only be working with him, Martin and a scarce few others...oh and me, of course, but then I'm a tyrant!" I laughed, holding my hands up like claws and growled.


"Oh God, I guess I'll have to decline on the job then!" she teased.


"Noooo," I whined.


"Okay, well I'll give you a chance...but if you misbehave..." she waggled her finger at me, giggling.


"Yes, ma'am," I bowed my head.





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