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Rivers shut the door quietly and shivered as he noticed the window was wide open, curtains flowing inwards. He felt a hand cover his own and
he turned. Rough stubble covered his lips. Rivers wrapped his arms around the familiar waist and embraced the kiss for a moment. When he pulled away he could see the guitarist's toned body towering slightly over his own.


'Nice to see you,' Jack said as he walked over to the bed in the centre of the room. He climbed on the mattress and sat down in the centre with his legs outstretched. Rivers followed him and wrapped his legs around Jack's waist as he sat down on top of him.

Their faces were adjacent, staring at each other. Rivers ran his hands through Jack's hair, pushing the floppy layers back for a moment before they fell forward, covering his face once more. Jack shook his head slightly and smiled in pure contentment at being alone with Rivers once more. Rivers melted under his broad smile and delved his hands into the singer's hair once more as he pressed their lips together openly and ran his tongue around Jack's mouth, wanting to taste his smile. Jack gently tried to nibble Rivers' bottom lip as he slid his hands up underneath his shirt, reacquainting his fingertips with the familiar chest hair which covered Rivers' torso. Rivers broke the kiss allowing Jack to pull his shirt over his head, knocking his glasses off his rounded nose a little. Jack tossed the shirt to the floor and pushed the glasses up Rivers' face.


'You look too cute in them not to wear them,' Jack said smiling again.

Rivers pulled the black-rimmed glasses off his face in protest and placed them on Jack's face.

'Now that's too cute!'

'Maybe, but I can't see a thing,' Jack pulled them off his face and placed them on windowsill as he followed Rivers into the bathroom.

Jack peered around the door to see Rivers standing in his pants looking impatient.

'I've been waiting here 20 seconds Jack. You owe me.'

'Gladly,' said Jack as he was pulled inside the room and stripped of his clothes.


Rivers ran his hands slowly down his body as he removed Jack's pants and allowed Jack to do the same. Jack pulled Rivers' naked body towards him, placing his hands on his arse and grinding their hips together. Both men could feel their erections growing as they pressed together between their bodies. Jack reached around Rivers' body which he cradled close in his arms, and opened the shower compartment door. Rivers grinned and stepped inside as Jack followed him and felt the warm water coat his pale skin. Rivers grabbed Jack's soaping face and pulled him into an embrace allowing the water to slip in their mouths between their tongues.

The tiny cubical allowed little room for movement and their bodies stayed pressed against each other and the cubical walls. Rivers moaned
into Jack's mouth as they thrust gently against each other. Rivers touched Jack's hips with his supple fingers and wrapped his hands
along the base of his member. Jack pulled his lips free to look at Rivers and urged him on with a pleading look. Rivers obliged and slowly started to stroke Jack's hard on. His hands started to fumble under the continuous stream of water, which covered their bodies, mingling with their lust-drenched sweat. Jack reached for Rivers with his hand and touched him in the same fumbled way. Jack leaned his face down and buried in into Rivers' neck gently suckling at his wet skin. Both continued their quickened attack on the others member but both knew it wasn't enough.


'Stop Jack. You need to be in me.'

Jack looked up momentarily surveying the deep red mark now nestling between Rivers' jaw and his collarbone. He kissed Rivers' cheek and gently turned him round wrapping his arms around Rivers' hips and placing his hands once again on Rivers' quivering member.

Jack allowed the water to run over them completely for a moment before pushing himself into Rivers. They both shuddered for a moment before
beginning to move together, Jack steadying himself against Rivers' hips and moving his hand in time to his thrusts along the small mans
enlargement. Rivers felt himself climb closer to climax and could feel Jack breathing heavily on his back. Jack thrust for a last time and leant hard on Rivers' back as they both creamed over each other. Jack traced a line of kisses along Rivers' back before he turned around and stood under the water in Jack's arms.††

'I guess we should wash now,' Jack said reaching for a sponge.

Rivers stopped his hand a brought it to his lips and kissed his palm.

'Not just yet,' he said grinning and pushed Jack around so he was now facing the wall and traced a finger down his slippery back.'Not just yet.'



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