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Authorís Disclaimer: I don't any of these three strapping young men but I own the Elephant CD, so technically Jack is mine - bwhaha.

For mim, written at dildo point.







© Ears, 2003

Jack pressed his palm against the cool glass plate and watched the rain fell outside to a crackle from the heavens. He saw through the corner of his eye two shadows run hand in hand through the rain in the misty light that covered everywhere. In a flicker of light he saw white, blue and red flash from the figures before they disappeared into the trees nearby. He ran a hand through his long black hair and climbed out of the low window into the stream of warm afternoon water, which quickly soaked his thin t-shirt. He walked after the figures his body being momentarily lit in a flash of red and black as he peered around the edge of a tree trunk, eyeing the playfully bodies he saw in front of him.

Joel lay; his legs open straddling his older brother. His hands wandered across his brotherís smooth chest as his position over his body made the pleaded skirt rise up to his hips, revealing tight red hot pants and a bulging groin. Benji watched Joel carelessly rub his nipples with the tips of his fingers through the fingerless gloves, which adorned his hands. Joel felt his brothers body tense beneath him from his tender touch and reached his head down to join their lips together. Warm rain dripped into their mouths as they felt each otherís insides, which tasted fresh, like morning dew from the mingled water and salvia. Benji wrapped his colourful arms around Joelís waist and pulled his lycra top up over his head, sliding it across his damn body, his nipples now as pert as his siblings.

Benji released his grip on Joelís tongue, slipping his back into his mouth and pulling away. He pushed Joel onto his back, crawling up his body in-between Joelís thighs. Benji bit down roughly on Joelís slippery neck, the metal from his lips digging into his skin as he ran his tongue over the skin concealing it momentarily from the rainfall.Joel lent his head back, his spiked mohawk hair rusting the undergrowth from side to side as he moved his head in bliss as Benjitrailed rough, sloppy kisses down his streaming chest. Benjiís body rubbed against Joelís clothed manhood as he shifted down his body, it bulged against his tight pants and left a tent of pleats once Benji reached the hem of the skirt.

Joel lifted his head up and nodded edging his brother on. Benji whipped off the sopping wet skirt and tossed it to the ground exposing the red hot pants, which covered Joelís hips to the rain. He bent his face down to nestle against his erection, nipping Joelís straining tip through the tight material before teasing them off with his teeth. Joel lay his eyes closed waiting for Benjiís tongue to smother his erection, a sensation which never came.

As Benji flung the pants to the ground he felt a hand cup his chin and tilt it upwards, long supple fingers resting on his
adams apple. He saw Jackís face briefly before his mouth devoured his own, running a cool tongue over his studded lips and across his wet teeth. Benjiís hands reached up to cling to Jackís soaked face, clumps of his thick black hair now plastered to his face, tangling into Benjiís fingertips. Joel opened his eyes after moments of agonising sexual torture to see the two wet men kissing between his legs. He shuddered involuntarily and rose to his knees bringing his mouth around to meet theirs hungrily as his erection rubbed against Jackís see-through trouser leg. Benji and Jackís mouths opened willing to allow Joel to join their tongues as they explored each others mouths aided by the rain which ran down their faces, mingling their sweat with natural

Jack pulled out of the kiss allowing the siblings a moment together before they separated and turned to Jack who was in the process of riding himself of his wet clothes, Joel aided him by tugging the trousers off his slim pale hips as Jack threw his t-shirt to the ground. Joel slid his hands around to Jackís naked arse and pushed his lower body in his direction, his naked dripping cock slipping into his open mouth. Jackís legs gave way as Joel ran his tongue past his lips down the length of Jack. Benji stood up and held Jackís in his tattooed arms, running his hands through Joelís wet hair as he moved along Jackís member. Benji ran a hand down Jackís back as he suckled gently on his neck feeling his moans vibrate through his tongue. Benjiís tongue whispered up to Jacks ear, nibbling on his lobe as he pushed his member slowly into his body. Jack gasped and shuddered thrusting forcefully into Joelís mouth as Benji pressed himself deep inside him. Joel deep throated as Benji found rhythm and release
inside Jack, creaming as his gyrations peaked and lengthened. Jack flopped forward as he creamed inside Joelís mouth, the mixture turning runny as it mixed with water before Joel has a chance to swallow.

Joel looked down at himself, his erection still throbbing. Jack opened his eyes as the pleasure began to ease gently and kissed Joel briefly on the lips, running his fingers over his tip, twirling it playfully in his hand as Joel placed his head on his shoulder. Joel let Jack touch him for a few moments longer before whispering to him so Benji couldnít hear. Jack stopped his attack with his hand and stood Joel up, moving to stand behind him, his growing hard-on rubbing against Joelís cheeks as he prepared to enter. Joel took hold of Benjiís hand and turned him around quickly wrapping his hands around his waist and resting them on his member. Joel thrust once into Benji sending him forward into the trunk of a tree where he stood, leaning against it for support. Jack followed and pushed in Joel, using Joelís hips as a steady post, grinding himself fast into his body. Joel followed Jackís pace and used his hands in time to whack off Benji, who felt both menís heat behind him, pushing him forward physically and mentally.

Joel started to moan and cry out as he reached his orgasm, Jack tracing circles around his hips as he thrust into and against his back. As Joel cried out and came into Benji, Jack kissed Joelís neck feeling his adams apple between his lips, creaming himself and easing himself gently out of Joel, while he brought his brother to the edge. Benji creamed against the tree and moved away slowly, finding it hard to focus.

Jack stood at the edge of the clearing fully clothed once again, waiting for the twins to join him to walk back to the dry comforts of the building not fair away. He took the moment away from the real world to run his hands over the identical arses, which sandwiched him as they walked, before another evening and another show began.




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